Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Title: You have never heard 7 applications for Twitter!

Body: I don†™ t get Twitter.

How many people, the thrill of the communication of my Thoughtsin 140 characters ISA€ ¦well, not existence. A

Despite my †"and I†˜m you sure, that many Other†™ s â€" Ambivalencetowards of the platform, it remains popular. Really popular. And it†™ get s always more so from day to day.

So something I must €™ m missing, right? Surelythere†™ s this more than just 140 characters of your care, drink Andsleeping habits? What Twitter well then, if is You†™ re not going to Twitter? It turns out a lot. And not at all trivial Stuffeither. I together a list. A quite interesting, actually. And it†™ s about all the things, can you twitter for †"except for Itsintended purpose." As the list below shows the basic mechanics of Oftwitter †"a kind of stripped down social networking (so that it Differentfrom Facebook) a variety of options for the creative mind open varies." Thinkdisaster relief. Think electronic hobbies. Think monitoring epidemics. This list is a combination of proven currently Proposedand just imagine (from me, mainly) tools, ideas and strategies for the Utilisethe basic mechanics of Twitter on the inventors not to Allintend have way. You might also like...Why probably you've got too many Facebook friends: what the Dunbar number tells us about social Netwo1. Recognize Twitter earthquake and other natural disasters?Yes †"sounds crazy, right?" But it†™ s already Worked†¦ turns out that the model of Twitter †", the a Hugenetwork of the node connecting (They†™ re now called people), combined with Thepredilection for this node to tweet about (unfortunately all) things that happen to them makes for a pretty creative risk early warning system of potential." Through the creation of software, the global monitor †œtweetstream† (is that even a Word?) (In the age of the 1337speak I think that 's€ ™ s not relevant), Andcross-referencing model it with geographical data, a program †"with Reasonableaccuracy, the location â€" and likely future effect †"of floods, forest fires, earthquakes and other shenanigans biblical type." The same system - theoretically †"for epidemics, collaborate." Has been demonstrated recently in this fascinating article, that analysis of Google†™ s search trends reveals the early Warningsigns of the spread of swine flu †"and much earlier than system set up the dedicated organizations to monitor the spread of Contagiousdiseases â€" such as the Center for disease control in the United States. The proliferation of mobile Internet Capabledevices has enabled all of this in particular made: enable the people to tweet, blog and search for information on-the-fly. You Cana€ ™ t help but wonder, rather the Comesonline world is what kind of possible solutions of this Increasedcapacity to Connect†¦ 2 surface. Twitter is an electronics hobbyist dream... That probably only completely tune made has.Electronics at all is not what it be used. These days, with Theadvent of low-cost, widely available computers, sensors and components which always be Allowdevices connection to the Internet, hobbyists projects of Moreambitious as Youâ €™ ve ever imagined.

In this environment, Twitter has †made a kind Ofready œremote control Interface† for the electronics hobbyist, Themthe ability to graft on all types of triggers, switches and sensors which Thenrelay information return to Twitter, so that the owners/operators to Remotelymonitor †"or in fact enable their devices from a distance."

What good is that? This page is full of examples that you never have imagined.

This leads us directly into one of the cooler areas of of(mis/ab) use of Twitter€ ¦

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