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Title: A look at some tablet computer reviews

Body: Slate-shaped mobile devices be used, where the notebooks are impractical, cumbersome or can support simply unneeded functionality. You work with a stylus or touch screen offers a more mobile way of the use of the computer system.

Get this ultraportable gadgets one ready to be?

Here are some tablet computer reviews that can help guide you in your search.

Cisco shares in investment Android is intended for experts. It focuses on business features rather than entertainment, that differ completely from 2010 slate standard. This makes it suitable for a unique gadget for company and excels where the iPad have no chance. The 7-inch size makes it easily portable and usable for on the go.

SurfaceInk is one of the lesser-known equipment not too many Tablet PC reviews about it. The gadget has completed a 12-inch capacitive screen on Ubuntu operating system. It has build a very lean and robust and is equipped with a pen.

More convenient to use a gadget that runs under Windows?

The i-touch swift from DTK is a convertible NetBook slate with a 10-inch screen and Atom N450 CPU. It has 1 GB of RAM and 320 GB hard drive. The operating system is Windows 7 starter, if he is on the same line as other Netvertibles. It also features a 1.3 megapixel camera, WiFi and optional 3 G.

DreamBook ePad A10 is a 10-inch slate with Windows 7 operating system and Atom CPU. It has edge-to-edge glass and metal page and back. The disadvantage is the starting price of $599, which is far more than the iPad price.

Other tablet computer reviews are available on the Internet available. There are several sites which specialized guides to provide reviews on the latest gadgets and systems as a consumer.

Title: 5 tips for buying of electronics on the Internet

Body: Buying electronics can be lots of fun. However, some elements can be more expensive, and in the risk of paying more than you have to run. Here are 5 tips, the you to avoid the costly mistakes and ensure that you with the best equipment help at the end.

Tip # 1: read customer reviews first. Make this a habit for yourself. Always make sure that you that read customer reviews before committing to a purchase. A customer review is an article, by someone who purchased and used the element before had. So, you will know first hand from a customer always invested real money in the item. Generally learn that pre-and disadvantages of the electronic element very quickly you browsing reviews.

Pay attention to the rating. Typically, the products on a scale of 1 to 5 are measured. Buy less than 3 is rated not something. Some products are made the assessment 3 - buy at your own risk. It is a sign that the product work to a certain extent, but there are problems. Products are safe to buy if it 3.5 to 5 will be assessed.

Tip 2: knowledge, your own needs and wants. What you need are quite different than what you want. For example, you might have a basic vacuum cleaner for floor cleaning. However, there are high cleaner on the market offers more advanced features. Sometimes, may these features overpriced. If you do not need it, then pay for it!

Tip 3: specifications on paper means not everything. If buy electronics to compare many consumers such as the specifications of the elements between different brands. Unfortunately, what looks good on paper necessarily doesn't mean that the element is a high quality product. You never know if the parts inside of inferior quality. The best way to avoid, invest in low-quality products is read reviews and buy trusted brands.

Tip you find out 4:, if the product really delivers on its promises. In other words, the product that you buy must work! Are there products on the market that do not work? Well, if you have used electronic products, you know that some products will work, but they are not quite as good work. For example, the concept of a new computer can be great - but it's great, as long, how you do it 2 to 3 months work for! This is a common complaint among consumers. Some products just don't work, the well.

You should be cautious about such products buy, because if you are using such items at the end, that problems are endless. You need to call support, for hours on the phone, send the Troubleshoot the unit and possibly even to the unit back for a replacement. The replacement device can sometimes take weeks or even months to reach.

Tip make special discounts and offers 5:. Due to the expensive nature of electronic elements such as traders often promoting sales of special offers and discounts. These actions will be announced in press releases, newsletter, or even blogs. So make sure you electronic related blogs not only for reviews and videos but for discount coupons and browse.

Title: 100 Windows tricks

Body: Tricks for Windows XP (other Windows below) 1. Q: When I began assembling a network adapter on my window and Ihave to appear every time you turn on or restart the computer to type apassword. How do I disable this window? A: You can cancel deleting an entry in the registry. Perhapsthis can be done differently but I did so: (This Board is intended forpeople who have some knowledge of the registry.) From the Start menu,select Run and type Regedit. Enable us to the Registry Editor. First, Ido have a copy of the registry, so just in case. Backlit My Computer,select the menu in the upper register and Eksportuj_plik_Rejestru inthe Export Range select All, and choose a name for our example, theregistry file with the date of the creation of copies: 120800.reg. Thenyou must go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / network and reboot the computer todelete LOGON.Po asks us to enter name and password. Name enterpassword. If, after you type the name comes up to us the message andthe computer does not want to take our name have yet to remove the C: \Windows file from your old password, it is always the extension *. pwl.After the next reboot, no longer a window we will not resultdenerwowało.Ujemnym not write the password is the lack of access tocertain network services for example to browse the contents of theserver through Network Neighborhood. 2. Q: After you install many programs are my entries in the listin the Control Panel / Add Remove Programs and can not be erased. A: Again, you need to poke the Rejestrze.WejdźHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CURRIENTVERSION /uninstall, find the program that you no longer have the disk and deleteit. 3. Q: I want to change the default path to the installation CDromu version of Windows. How does it do? A: There is a need to modify the Rejestrze.Wejdź in theHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CURRIENTVERSION /setup in the right window, locate and select the SourcePath, click theright mouse button and switch Modyfikuj.Ustaw default path where thesystem has to find the Windows CD. 4. Q: Ms-DOS session under Windows I can not go back arrows to previous commands entered. A: Najedź icon for MS-DOS, click the right mouse button and switchon the Properties. Then program and write a batch file window doskey.From now on the arrows up / down, you can return to the previouslyentered command. In the "pure" Dosi doskey command also works. 5. Q: Ms-DOS session under Windows and to install some games Ihave poprzestawiane English characters and keys:? \, Etc. How does itset to normal? A: In the startup file, change the autoexec.bat c: \ windows \ command \ keybrd2.sys on keybrd4.sys 6. Q: How do I stop the action / appearance of the programs / icons in the lower right corner of the taskbar in Windows? A: On the Start Menu / Programs / Accessories / System Tools /System Information. Then Tools / System Configuration Utility /Autostart.Na to disable the program and delete the icon "bird". 7. Q: There are no Polish characters in the Internet. A: Try to turn the InternetExplorerze View / Encoding / More /Central European ISO. In turn NetscapeNavigatorze andSylabieKomunikatorze View / Character Set / EuropaŚrodkowa (ISO-8859-2) 8. Q: When defragmentaryzacji Hard Disk Defrag stops at 10%, even for a few hours. A: This phenomenon is normalne.Daj peace with outdated DefragiemDRIVE SPEED and use a package NORTONUTILITIES. It is not like a fewdozen more times faster than defrag. 9. Q: How quickly do an inventory in the form of a text file that is inside a directory? A: On MS-DOS, go to the directory and type dir> spis.txt or sub DIR / s spis.txt If someone has a feature called Windows Commander version 4.51 atleast be able to define each other on the beam with cm_CopyNamesToClipcommand. * Then you select the files in the directory, and pressing ofthis button will copy all selected content to the clipboard, and thenusing any text editor, even Notepad and give the command to paste thefile save as obtained in the form of text. 10. Q: Sometimes when you uninstall a program on startup thesystem reports no file type *. vxd. A: This is normal. Try to removereferences to that file in the registry or System.ini file. 11. Q: Web browser when you click on the link can not download the file. A: Sometimes, the program helps you install GetRight, Flashget,Go! Zilla or GetSmart, who takes over the functions of the browser todownload files. 12. Q: I heard that if your computer is damaged and can not seeanything on the screen indicates the type of damage piskami dependingon the damage and generates a different number pisków. As thequantities of these pisków you can find out what "fell" in thecomputer? A: The list of error codes can be found for the type of AMIBIOSBIOS for the type ofBIOS AWARD # 3.5 . See alsoQuestion 32. 13. Q: How to quickly find your IP address and network adapter? A: These and other further information can be obtained by typing the Run window, or in MS-DOS command winipcfg.exe 14. Q: How to transform a file of type html to plain text? A: You can use the program np.eCleaner or InternetExplorerze give the option to Save As and select a *. txt. 15. Q: How can I do to have recourse to the system directory on your hard disk, and not to CDromu or drive? A: Emulating the CD-ROM and floppy disks: Emulation-drive-Install from Subst'a - Some programs require the installation of the drive A or B, then you need to simulate the SUBST command dosowym. I typed: SUBST A: C: \ build name in the directory c: \ name - the logicaldrive A. When you do go to the SUBST drive and install a program.Deleting a logical drive is carried out by typing: subst a: / d! NOTE!You can not zasubstowac directory on CD-ROM. You have to lose the fileson the hard disk and make it SUBST. -Emulation CD-ROMA - In addition to the following programs and methods of a very goodprogram to emulate a CD-ROM is the Paragon. It is the image of the CDon your hard disk, which may be even more compressed. On the plates are sometimes called. CD-RIPy, or discharges fromthe compact. Some of them are broken, and it comes from the hard disk,and some need to emulate this kompaktu.W use the HIDE.EXE that thesystem saw a directory on your hard disk as a CD-ROM reader. This isdone as follows: R HIDE: HIDE SUBST R: C: \ XXX, where R is the name of the CD inyour computer, and katlog C: \ xxx is the directory in which thecompact will emulate. (HIDE.EXE requires load-MSCDEX in AUTOEXEC.BAT). Now I can install the game as the original with kompaktu. Another program for emulation kompaktu is CDEMU2.COM. To start,you need to configure your computer without MSCDEX-a and type thefollowing sequence of instructions SUBST P: C: \ XXX CDEMU2 P: (Instructions CDEMU2 / U deleteskompaktu emulation, and P: is any point which will be called kompaktu) Also, the program serves FAKECD.EXE emulation kompaktu. Syntax: FAKECD C: \ XXX / L: K where C: \ XXX is a directory, and K is any point which is the letter kompaktu. User FAKECD / uninstall deletes kompaktu emulation. ! NOTE! It is compact zaemulować one of the programs before you run any game that requires a CD-Roma. ! NOTE! To be able to use Emulators with any characters, belongs to the CONFIG.SYS file, add lines = Z LASTDRIVE we are able to use the drives in the system from A to Z: Games CD-RIP'y (trimmed versions of the originals): a) loses the game to a directory b) Skofiguruj dźiwęk - when there is no attempt to edit a setup file *. INI *. CFG c) In the same file (not always) can be a path to change it to the game such as that in which you have the game for example: CDDRIVE = C: S2 = C: \ GAMES \ settlers \ d) If the game wants you insert a CD-ROM use FAKECD.EXE program -a program that emulates a hard disk directory as the CD-ROM, forexample, settlers fakecd / l: D settlers inside the directory is nowthe CD-ROM D: In the event of problems with the installation, remove the file attribute Read-Only command attrib-r *.* ! COUNCIL! We recommend using HIDE or FAKECD. FAKECD has theadvantage that it can emulate a CD-Roma at any point (and this isimportant, for example if the game just to drive F: - and by HIDE youcan not change the letters CD-Roma) and you can uninstall it. HIDE theother hand, is the most efficient emulator. In contrast, CDEMU2 oftenhangs and does not recommend using it. ! NOTE! Often the game CD-ROMs is broken and does not requireemulation, but requires that the driver CD-ROM (Mscdex.exe) was inmemory. Do not run the game in such a configuration without a CD-ROM. " 16. Q: How do I record the whole web page along with podstronami? A: Perfectly suited to this program HTTrack ( version in English) or TELEPORTPRO ( 17. Q: How can I import the registry file? A: Sometimes, when trouble with the Registry, there is a need toimport pre-made copies. To do this: restart your computer, press F8,select the "Command Prompt Only", then type regedit / cc: \ nazwa.regwhile we must enter the exact path to the registry, who had earliereksportowaliśmy (skopiowaliśmy). NOTE-Import Registry may take up to 1.5 hours. (I know from my own experience-Webmaster) 18. Q: How to remove Start Menu items: Documents, Favorites, and Sign? A: Włączmy Registry Editor, enter the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER /SOFTWARE / MICROSOFT / WINDOWS / CURRENTVERSION / POLICIES / EXPLORER.Backlit Explorer top menu, and select Edit / New / Wartość_DWORD.Appears to us to New Value # key 1. (If you want to delete 3 items youneed to create keys 3.) Backlit it and clicking the right mouse buttonto select Rename. Depending what you want to remove from the Start Menukey broadcast another name. For example, if you want to delete an entrykey documents should be named NoRecentDocsMenu if Favoritos -NoFavoritesMenu if Logout - NoLogOff. Backlit renamed, then clickingthe right mouse button to activate and Modify the Value data box, type0 instead of 1 (once again if we wanted to have an item that appears onthe Start Menu simply warość change back to 0 or you can delete thenewly created keys). The changes will be visible only after re-bootingthe system. 19. Q: How do I record the contents of the screen in the form of an image? A: Press the key on the keyboard PrintScreenSysRq-screen contentwill be copied to the clipboard. Turn on the Start Menu Program Paint(mspaint.exe), from the top menu, select Edit / Paste, then File /Zapisz_jako. Paint is only recording in *. bmp and so the picture takesa lot of space. Instead it is best to use a graphics program and recordimages in *. jpg format - will be held, much less space. You can alsocustomize the image to a *. jpg in the browser to use certain images,eg ACDSee or IrfanView. The graphic PaintShopPro can turn on certainoptions after taking any amount of screenshots (normally only the lastis remembered-as in the Paint-ing). The best program for this is theHyper-Snap-DX, which you can even do the discharges of the games andDVD players. 20. Q: Removing subtitles on startup (autoexec.bat execution) A: In the autoexec.bat file type in the first line @ ECHO OFF, andat the end of each line you must add> NUL. Example: mode concodepage select = 852> NUL 21. Q: Problems with deleting directories and files accessed. A: If, instead of the "End Sharing" delete (move) we provide afile or directory it will be further shown in Network Neighborhood. Inorder to have disappeared from there enter the key in the registryHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CURRIENTVERSION /network / LANMAN find the key with the name of our shared file orfolder and delete it. 22. Q: How can automatically delete files in the Start Menu / Documents? A: Edit the registry file and find the key HKEY_CURRIENT_USER /SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CURRIENTVERSION / POLICIES / EXPLORER.Then select Edit / New / Binary Value and name the new value, typeClearRecentDocsOnExit. Then double click on the newly created value,type the number 01 00 00 00 In the Value data box, and confirm byclicking OK. Since that time, Windows will automatically opróżniał Listof documents placed in the Start menu when closing the system. 23. Q: In some games the picture is shifted to the left a few inches and cut me a piece of the game screen. There is some way? A: Sometimes, the switch helps Properties / Display / Settings /Advanced / cards / refresh rate such as the "optimal" or "85 Hz" on thesmaller "60 Hz" or the "Default Settings tab. When you finished playingbut it is better to return to the optimal settings for your monitor. 24. Q: How soon will close or restart the computer from the icon? A: Click the right mouse button and select New, then Shortcut.Then type in the command line to set up Shortcut: rundll32 shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 1 - for the shutdown or rundll32 shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 2 - for the re-start the computer from the icon.Windows98 has trouble sometimes with the correct closure of the system,helping to install some patches to a system calledWindows98shutdownfix. 25. Q: When you click on the Edit option in Internet Explorer(IE) to edit the Web site enables me to Notebook System. What to dowhen you turn on to edit my included example, Microsoft FrontPageExpress, which is more suitable for editing the Web site? A: Sometimes we do not know what more the reason, after youinstall Internet Explorer under the Edit option is the only systemNotepad. It may also happen that, instead of FrontPage Express you willbe there another program for example PitPad. After minor changes in theregistry you can put the option to edit any number of text editors oreditors Web site (I personally I have Notepad, FrontPage Express, andPitPada). When you enable the registry editor (regedit) find the keyHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ htm \ OpenWithList. In this place we have entered akey part of the individual programs that we see when they click on theEdit option in IE. For example, the Notepad has the structure of keys - _Classes_Root HKEY \ htm \ OpenWithList \ Notepad.exe and _Classes_Root HKEY \ Applications \ Notepad.exe \ shell \ edit \ command PitPad - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ htm \ OpenWithList \ PitPad.exe and _Classes_Root HKEY \ Applications \ Pitpad.exe \ shell \ edit \ command a FrontPage Express - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ htm \ OpenWithList \ Fpxpress.exe and _Classes_Root HKEY \ Applications \ Fpxpress.exe \ shell \ edit \ command To have the FrontPage Express in IE, you must create a string ofkeys as noted above. Backlit keys and click Applications, right-clickNew \ Key, when you create a name to change it Fpxpress.exe, thenhighlighted Fpxpress.exe and do the same by creating a key named shell,and shell highlighting create and edit the key at the end we edithighlighting key command. The keys have to be a shell for each program(Notepad, Pitpada, Frontpagexpresa) defined 1ciąg and 1 binary value.Example: For Frontpagexpresa when you open the shell to create a stringkey (menu Edit / New / String Value) named (name value) FriendlyCache,and after the highlighted number, right-click Modify and make use ofdata and Microsoft FrontPage Express (Use Notepad for example, Windows Notepad, for example Pitpada: Pitpad editor). Create a binary value (menu Edit / New / Binary Value) namedFriendlyCacheCTime and write data values 01 00 00 00 14 B4 BD 70 (forNotepad and Pitpada the same binary value). When you open the command key instead of the default value,click the right mouse button and give Modfyfikuj enter the path toFrontPage Express, and 1% mark at the end eg: c: \ Program Files \Microsoft FrontPage Express \ Bin \ Fpxpress.exe% 1 For Notebook path and at the end of notepad.exe% 1, and for Pitpada Pitpad.exe "% 1" That's it. This may seem somewhat complicated but it really is quite simple. 26. Q: The problems with obtaining a tilde ~ in DOS and some programs A: To get a tilde ~, press Shift and ~ a space after their release. 27. Q: Installing programs with the extension *. inf A: To install a program that is not in your home directoryexecutable files *. exe file type, or other, has a file with the *. inffile (eg some audio and video codecs) to be run on such a file and whenyou press the right mouse button from the menu choose Install. 28. Q: Recording samostartujących CDs A: To record a CD samostartującą should be created with any text editor autorun.inf file, which should look like this: [autorun] open = Program.exe icon = icona.ico and record to the root of any disc icon with the extension *. ico(for example, the disc is a Win98-icon-win98cd.ico can be used) and thefile autorun.inf If the properties of the CD-ROM is set to Auto InsertNotification 0, so after you insert the CD should be prepared to runthe program as defined by us. 29. Q: Problems with viewing the contents of directories udostępnionianych through Network Neighborhood on your computer A: If we provide a catalog of other network users, and we can notgo through Network Neighborhood and view its content (see the message:Catalog is not available and this action can not be performed on yourcomputer) is the likely reason for this is that our catalog is Englishcharacters in the name, or shared participation in the Name box, weused the Polish characters. 30. Q: Changing the image at startup Windows98 A: The image must be starting to have a resolution of 320x400 andmust be in 256 colors. Just burn it to the main directory on yourstartup drive c: \ called logo.sys and you're done. 31. Q: Faster connections to servers on the Internet (without appeal to DNS) A: To speed up connections to the server on the Internet you canprepare a special file on your hard disk in a Windows folder namedhosts.sam to which to refer to your computer, instead of wasting timeto connect to the DNS server to to translate the name of the server,for example to check the corresponding IP address. To thisend, we create (or edit if you have) hosts.sam file, which should looklike this: IP server name # comment For example: localhost # Virtual Poland When creating entries must be given to large and small letters andto separate the IP address and the name of the server 1 or more spaces. 32. Q: Follow-up to Question 12 A: Ami Bios type: The number of sounds - the type of error 1 - the problem with refresh RAM 2 - RAM parity error 3 - error in the first 64KB RAM 4 - the system clock error 5 - the problem with a 6 - Keyboard controller error 7 - the virtual CPU error 8 - write error or read from the memory of your graphics card 9 - BIOS checksum error 10 - write or read error CMOS 11 - Cache memory error continuous tonnes - an error of RAM or the graphics card memory Bios Type Award: 1 long - memory error 1 long and 2 short - RAM parity error 1 long 3 short - the graphics card error continuous tonnes - an error of RAM or the graphics card memory News wygrzebane in Windows Registry Guide: 33. Q: Auto login without typing the name or password. A: Open the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \CurrentVersion \ Winlogon, create a new String Value and name itDefault Password, and enable Modify the Value data box, type thepassword used by them. Name required to login, see the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Network \ Logon in the name of the username. If you want you can changethis name by modifying the entry in the Value data box in the corridor. NOTE! Passwords entered on a permanent basis you can see by opening the appropriate keys in the registry. 34. Q: Changing location of My Documents, Desktop, Favorites and Start Menu. A: Open the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ User Shell Folders. In the course of thepersonal name is entered in the path to the My Documents folder, withinthe name is entered in Favorites path to the Favorites folder and somodifying an entry in the Value data box, you can enter a new path tothe folder. After entering the new path is we only move the wholedirectory, eg: My Documents to another location on your hard disk. 35. Q: Changing size of icons on the desktop. A: Your image is too big or too small? With these settings, change the size of their icons on the desktop. Open the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ WindowMetrics andcreate or modify an existing string named Shell Icon Size. In the Valuedata box, type the desired size of the icons in pixels (default is 32).However, the smaller the value of the smaller icons. 36. Q: Changing the information entered during the installationof the system (organization, owner, ProductID, ProductName) A: Open thekey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \CurrentVersion and edit entries in the Value data box, the stringscalled RegisteredOwner (owner), RegisteredOrganization ( organization),ProductID and ProductName. 37. Q: The icons with more colors without installing Microsoft Plus Pack. A: Open the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ WindowMetrics andcreate or modify an existing string named Shell Icon BPP. In the Valuedata box, type the desired depth of color depending what you cansqueeze from your graphics card can be a value of 16 (bits), 24 or 32.To use this function you need a card capable of displaying at least 256colors. 38. Q: Lock changes to the desktop. A: Normally when Windows closes it remembers the position andconfiguration of desktop icons. Sometimes this can be troublesome ifsomeone still provides us with for example the position of the icons.If you want to block changes to open the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer and create a new DWORD value, ormodify an existing name NoSaveSettings. Modify the DWORD value in theValue data box, enter 1 to lock the record include changes to thedesktop. When you enable this option, then we may have trouble forexample with icons shifting newly installed programs, so for a momentto stop the blockade should be 1 instead of type 0. 39. Q: Turning on and removing programs that load when Windows starts. A: Adding a program startującego when booting Windows. In addition to copying the program to the C: \ WINDOWS \ StartMenu \ Programs \ Startup there is another way to do so. Open the key:HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \Run. For each program to start, create a new string value and modify itin the Value data box, type the full path to the program eg: c: \windows \ notepad.exe Removing the startującego when booting Windows. If you do not see the program you want to disable the C: \ WINDOWS\ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup), then it may be loaded from theregistry key. To turn it off, remove the value of a program of thekeys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunOnce HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunServices HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunServicesOnce HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ Userinit HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunOnce HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunServices HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunServicesOnce HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Windows The program can also be loaded from the [Load] or [Run] C: \ Windows \ Win.ini It may happen, however, that the program will continue to loadeven though in any of the places it can not be found. There are somecases that you need to search the registry for the existence of theprogram name and type in the key values of the 0 instead of 1. 40. Q: The automatic removal of a tilde ~ in short filenames. A: Open the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \FileSystem, and create a DWORD value named NameNumericTail andmodifying the DWORD value in the Value data box, type 1 to enable thisoption or 0 to disable it. 41. Q: Auto-delete text Shortcut to ... in the names of icons on the desktop shortcut. A: Open the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \CurrentVersion \ Explorer and create or modify a binary value of thelink by typing the name in the Value data box 00 00 00 00 for theinclusion of an automatic removal. 42. Q: I use the Windows Update without rejstrowania. A: Open the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \CurrentVersion, and then create or modify an existing string with thename RegDone and edit it by typing in the value data box 1. Checkwhether you have the key, and if not create it to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Welcome \ RegWiz 43. Q: Defragmenting the registry. A: To register zdefragmentaryzować in "pure" DOS command, type scanreg / fix. 44. Q: Testing the stability of the CPU. A: To have a sense of the test must be carried on at 100% load andtake several days continuously (at least so say the chip-e). For thispurpose, the BAT file, simply use the DOS version of PKZip compressorand decompressor PKUnzip. The test assumes that both files are in theroot directory on drive C, as well as a batch file test.bat, and putthe contents of the directory c: \ other at a maximum compressiondegree. For the test, you must select a directory with a volume ofseveral hundred MB (at least 200-250 MB) with diverse content(programs, files, multimedia, text). For the verification of thearchive is used PKUnzip, which saves your work in the file info.txt,but does so only after (even though 1) packaging. As the dispute overthe generated file will be used to automatically search string lookingfor the word error. If the entire file, we can not find your error, itmeans that the processor is running stably. And this is a test looktest.bat : START echo Creating zip file pkzip-r-ex c: \ c: \ other \ *.* echo Verifying CRC pkunzip>> info.txt del c: \ goto START 45. Q: Determine the manufacturer and type of motherboard, musical cards, network cards, etc. A: This can be found by using the FCC ID, which is usually printed on most computer components. After reading the ID card for example, need to open music / oet / fccid and enter it in the appropriate box on theform. Service will give us the manufacturer of the item, and how wellit goes, even the type of card or other item. 46. Q: Sending anonymous e-mails A: The sending of anonymous e-mail offers, among other special services (remailer) When you click on the link Orange Remailer Interface type the Webaddress of the recipient and the text in the form. Then he candetermine how many servers will be sent a message to the recipient. 47. Q: How do I avoid viruses attached to e-mail question from Board 48. Q: ACDSee-that is, where is my question-megabytes forum 49. Q: Using the keyboard instead of mouse-questions from Board 50. Q: Keyboard shortcuts question-forum 51. Q: having trouble with a small window in Internet Explorer A: Sometimes after the installation of IE and when you click on anHTML document opens IE, but in a small window. When you switch thewindow to full screen, leaving the program and re-open the HTMLdocument IE still shows him in a small window. To remember the settingsscreen should be extended for example to the right and down, and thenexit the program by clicking on the shutdown window x. 52. Q: insert, zero cross and counter on the website 53. Q: When a preview of the server is restarted A: If you want to know when the server is restarted you can go to the directory var / log (in the root directory) to your messages unless theadministrator has given us the right to zaglądnięcia there. You can dothis by connecting to the FTP server such as Windows Commander, or byusing telnet, and Midnight Commander - see downloads for Linux. You can also connect to the server by telnet and enter the last| more and look for the line with a word reboot for example: "rebootsystem boot Wed Sep 18 10:16. 54. Q: CGI scripts on Web pages-a question from Board 55. Q: closing the suspension of the programs A: From time to time, some applications hang and can not benormally closed. Does not help even if press Ctrl + Alt + Del andselect "End Task". In such a situation, we need to do to force restart,after which the disc is treated Scan diski. In so far as we are notcompletely suspended, you can try to use similar or Procview andselecting the process that we want to close the use kill (Eng-kill,here-violently end the operation of the program).

Procview-small and easy to use program to track the processes runningon your computer. You can include an application to disable the killcommand. In some cases, may be useful to track whether your computer isnot running any strange software such as Trojan horses. 56. Q: We check of the limit (quoty) A: If you want to put files on the server, for example, your Webpage or directory to upload can sometimes have trouble with thatbecause of the overrun limit us (quoty). To see what we have given tothe limit and how much of it must be used to connect to the server viatelnet (see the download-linux) and type: quota [username] eg quotahalls. We'll see if such a message: Disk quotas for user hal (uid 505): Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace / dev/hda1 23426 0 40000 1003 0 0 blocks where 23,426 to 23.426 MB already used limit. But one needsto remember that count all the files that wrzucimy to your directory onthe server eg \ \ Frodo \ hal and \ \ Frodo \ upload. 57. Q: having trouble uploading your voice when fire firewall (firewall-u) A: If someone uses the program to transmit voice over a networksuch as NetMeeting, and a firewall such as ZoneAlarm is there may bedistortion of the voice, and it szatkowanie fairly long delays. Whentalking with the microphone, better turn off the firewall. 58. Q: downloading a large amount of files (pictures, mp3, zip) from a web page A: When viewing a Web page sometimes want a quick way to savelarge amounts of files (pictures, mp3, zipped files, etc.) to which wesee on the page links. Most convenient method is to use Getright orFlashget program, or another who has the option to analyze yourwebsite. For GetRight download status will be a file \ file \ analyze aweb page, for Flashget Files \ Process website. First, we need to savethe page that you're looking, then turn on its analysis, and thenselect the file you want to download. Sometimes, though not always needto enter a URL of the page from which you want to download data. 59. Q: override keys in Windows (on the numeric keypad) A: If you want to do use the programs that made a here. 60. Q: accelerating the graphics card A: For CDs under AMD must first install VIA 4in1 drivers, versionof at least 4.32 (as of 26-11-2001). Drivers for graphics cards withthe option to install the turbo, and włączmy BIOS option AGPx4 Mode toEnabled. Assistance may also include all the options and the shadowcache (system bios cacheable, cacheable, etc. videobios). It isimportant to also use the latest drivers for your graphics card. Thesemay be the card manufacturer's drivers or the drivers from nVidia.Detonators. Exemption is still in the vertical synchronizationustawineniach graphics card (for Geforce Properties \ Advanced \Additional Properities .... In the OpenGL Settings set Vertical Sync toAlways Off), and Direct 3D Settings \ Mipmapowanie \ mipmap detaillevel to high performance. 61. Q: problems with changing the drive letter for the new hard drive dołączaniu A: After you attach the new disk and the system sometimeswystartowaniu Widows have trouble running some programs, because thenew drive letter is already allocated to your disk or partition. Toavoid this, unless there is a possibility it must be assumed dopinanymhard disk partition type Extendend (extended). 62. Q: rescuing a damaged disk A: Sometimes as a result of a virus or an accident, our hard diskis damaged in such a way that does not help, even setting up andformatting the partition again. You can then try to save the formattingit under Linux or Amiga, and then again into a PC. If we do not havesuch opportunities, or failed to be yet another way. We do the boot floppy, it dogrywamy file debug.exe we do: fdisk / mbr As of this writing does not help: debug when you run the debug prompt appears "-" She writes: f 9000:0 200 0 start writing assembler a (and press enter ;-) write in assembler: mov dx, 9000 mov es, dx xor bx, bx mov cx, 0001 mov dx, 0080 mov ax, 0301 int 13 int 20 Now press to finish editing press: g To run the program. And as we did not show us any error that the program properly completed its work and returned to the DOS (something in that kind). Now write: q and make a restart the computer. I have a clean MBR or a problem with the head if we have a little luck. Grzegorz Fitrzyk - Admin 63. Q: ikonkami problems in Windows98 A: It happens that Windows override us with some unspecifiedreason, closer to the icons. Assistance may delete the file c: \windows \ ShellIconCache (which is a hidden file) and restart thecomputer. 64. Q: check whether the local server has sent our e-mail A: We are on the server by telnet and enter the command: mailq 65. Q: scan ports of any computer A: If you would like to scan his (you can check how secure is yourcomputer, or if we do not have the trojan horse) or someone ports itcan do the program for example Portscanner or HackTek, and if they donot have to do so may enter on the server and telnet type: nmap-P0-ST-F (where the end may be any IP address) 66. Q: acceleration programs Kazaa (and perhaps similar) 67. Q: CD recording in Windows 95/98 - Tips 68. Q: instability problems with your computer 69. Q: Configuring Outlook Express 70. Q: When playing with liquidity DIVX movies 71. Q: ending automatic programs from windows when leaving A: When you shut down Windows, some programs "hang", and thesystem displays an error message, and waits for user response. You canchange the settings of the operating system so that such "suspendedprograms are automatically closed, so that the operating system will beshut down quickly and without any user intervention. Changing the system requires changes in the registry. First, itis necessary to back up the registry files. You can already run theRegistry Editor (select Start | Run, type regedit and press [Enter]).In Registry Editor, locate the branch should beHKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop, and then the AutoEndTasks - thevalue of DWORD.Jeśli do not have to create it. Click on this box,right-click and select Modify from the pop-up menu and change the valuefrom 0 to 1. Now, just enough to save your changes and close theRegistry Editor. 72. Q: problem with spreading the icons when you change the resolution, turn on the game, etc. A: One of the few truly annoying features of Windows isautomatically organize icons on the desktop - without the knowledge orpermission. Such situations occur for example when changing screenresolution or after the installation of certain programs. Fortunately,you can deal with this problem by using one of several free tools. One of them is the Save Desktop Icons Pos (you can download ithere). As its name suggests, this program saves and restores the systemif necessary, the icons on your Desktop. The layout of the icons can besaved by whatever name, which allows you to quickly load the "Desktop"convenient for work, gaming or graphics editing. You can also try aprogram Gerico 2.0. 73. Q: faster printing to Windows printers igłowych at 98 (faster but with a loss of quality) A: Let's say we have an old Matrix Printer. When you turn on the Windows print anything the printer printsonly 1 page which is quite slow. For how to print in Dosi zapierniczaup nicely for both parties. The question of how to do that on Windowsas it did? It may be possible to do this in a different and better ways, but unfortunately I do not know each other advised as follows: Drukuj.bat create a file (in any text editor such as Notepad), which in the middle looks like this: copy% 1 prn or so (if you want to do a conversion on the fly-on Polishcharacters using pl2txt placed wc: \ windows \ command course, we mustfirst get-a text file that is in standard Windows CP-1250 standard forMazovia and send it to the printer, which also must be set to Mazovia) pl2txt / 24% 1 c: \ windows \ temp \ mazovia.txt cd c: \ windows \ temp copy mazovia.txt prn del mazovia.txt We do on the desktop shortcut to it drukuj.pif, select the left mouse button and right menu, and we are developing properties. In the Programs menu / command line, enter the path to the file% 1 and drukuj.bat. Example: C: \ A \ DRUKUJ.BAT% 1 The Program / Run Switch "Normal window" to "Minimized" and select "Close on completion" Drukuj.pif Now copy the file to the C: / Windows / Send To From that moment on if you click a file on the left mouse button(zaznaczymy it) in the window or windows in Windows Commanderze, andthen right click on developing the menu, after selecting the optionfrom the Send To menu / drukuj.bat selected file will be printed on aprinter faster. It must be noted, however, that this is reflected on the quality of the printed text. In the case of problems, you should still move the Start Menu / Settings / Printers / and in the printer properties / details / port settings to disable Cache printing tasks in MS-DOS. Article was created with the help Romka Stanisławskiego and as usual my upierdliwości ehem ... to say dociekliwości. 74. Q: problem with obtaining a Polish characters on the printer. (this concerns mainly the DOS and DOS to Windows) A: At a glance you can tell a great, that standard must be a textfile (even though, because you can do the conversion on the fly (seeprevious question) with the aid of an example program and / or a batchfile) to be the same as the standard set of characters to a printer . While on the file that you want to print there is a greaterproblem (on the fly conversion program pl2txt or "statically" converterprogram) to the printers can be big problems. If your printer supports English characters in the standardCP852 (latin2) or Mazovia to set the program to be provided with theprinter (if it has). If you do not look for it on the printer manufacturer's websiteor on the web (I recommend the archives of newsgroups Personally, I had such a case, that the manufacturer does notallow directly setting the Polish characters (despite the fact that theprinter handles like English characters), but you can define themyourself (but rather it was for professionals). You can also force alot of things on the printer (also Polish characters) by sending it tothe appropriate control codes (already started to chew but do notdespair of skúmala to end as it is done). Luckily I found someone whohad the original drivers in the other version with the Polishcharacters. If not, we can output to a printer spóbować enforce standard Polish character set of programs here. Please note that on Windows English characters appear correctly onthe screen in the standard CP-1250, ie in DOS and MS-DOS for Windowscan only be seen properly CP852 (latin2). Tricks in Windows The tricks used in my school to kompach that such a person as I am not Ryły where niemają .:: * * Invisible drives::. HKEY_CURRENT_ USER \ \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer will introduce a new binary valuenamed "NoDrives. In the Edit window, enter as many jedynek how manyconsecutive drive letters is to be invisible.   .:: * Lock your desktop settings *::. 1. In Registry Editor, locate the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER /Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / System. 2. In this key create a DWORD data type of the following titles.The function performed by the data becomes active when to introduceeach value 1. Deactivation occurs when you type 0. DWORD name: NoDispBackgroundPage - disables access to the "background" in the display properties. NoDispScrSavPage - ibid., Concerns the "Screen Saver". NoDispAppearancePage - ibid., Concerns the "Appearance". NoDispSettingsPage - ibid., The "Settings". NoDispCPL - total lock display properties.   Umnie in school is still blocked mouse right button but I do notknow what you need to enter in a register block, but now the rest Rest of tricks     .:: * The lack of CD-ROM'u under DOS *::. The problem very often when the system reinstalowaniu banal simplesolution to get the startup disk from a friend with Win 98, insert thefloppy disk into the drive and restart kompa (switch with support CD)problem with the head:)     .:: Automatic redialing * *::. There is a way to reduce the irritation when the fiftieth time youclick on the "Connect" and as a result of the signal is still busy. 1. From the Start menu, select Programs | Accessories | Dial-UpNetworking (Note: Windows 98 users will find the Dial-Up Networkingfolder in Programs | Accessories | Communications). 3. Select the connection on which you want to re-set the dials. 4. From the menu window "Dial-Up Networking" select "Connections" and then "Settings." 5. In connection settings, select "Choose your number" and enterthe value (up to 100) indicating the number of times the modemconnection is reiterated in the case of busy signal. In the same partof the window, select how long the modem has to wait before re-dialing.In this case, the value can not be less than 1 sec. 6. Close Dial-Up Networking.     .:: * The faster the connection *::. The process of the computer connect to your ISP, you can speed up slightly: 1. Open Dial-Up Networking, highlight the selected combination of mouse and click the right mouse button. 2. From the context menu, select "Properties." 3. In the Connection Properties window, select the "Server Types". 4. In the part entitled "Advanced Options" make sure that the option "Log on to network" is disabled. 5. In the "Allowed network protocols" select only "TCP / IP". Trick is used quite strange behavior of the "windows" during theestablishment of the call (after the dodzwonieniu modem serviceprovider), when the system tries to log on to the network using variousprotocols. This is an unnecessary waste of time when the computer is anindependent (not connected to any network) and only connects to theInternet via a modem.     .:: * Limiting the cache *::. Depending on the amount of memory to be held in the file"system.ini" in the [VCACHE] enter the following line: MaxFileCache =XXX (where XXX is the amount of cache memory) The proposed size of thecache memory: RAM memory - Cache memory • 4Mb - 512KB • 8Mb - 1024 to 2048Kb • 16Mb - 4096Kb • 32Mb - 6000 to 8000Kb     .:: * Shutdown Windows *::. If you do not want to use a long sequence of commands Start /Shutdown / Finish your computer, simply create the appropriate shortcuton the desktop - select the option to create a new shortcut, type thecommand line the following line: "rundll32.exe user, ExitWindows", thengive him name and press the "Finish". To further improve the shutdown,click once on the brief and then select "Properties", then in the"Shortcut" box, type the appropriate key combination, preferably acombination of Alt, Ctrl and any other key.    .:: * There are no free interrupts *::. PC has sixteen przerwaniami, of which 12 is for the benefit of theextension card. If it fails to find a free interrupt for the newequipment, the need to release one of the interrupts are not beingused, for example, the second serial port (if free) or a second driverdisks. 1. You must first turn off your device in the BIOS. 2. Then, in Windows, use the Device Manager and select the device there. 3. On the "General" to activate the option "Disable in thishardware profile". After you restart your computer already has anadditional, free of interrupting. Now you can install the new device.     .:: * New logo * System::. It is possible to convert standartowego message "Wait for theclosure system" and "You can now safely turn off your computer" on theother (for example, their own). To do this prepare appropriate messagesin any graphical program (for example, Paint), the drawing must be inthe size of 320x100 pixels max. 256 colors. Then Replace the fileappropriately (in the Windows directory) "Logow.sys" ( "Wait for ...")or (i) the file" Logos.sys "(" You can now ...") to our drawing, besure to give the file a the same name which has the original messages.The original files' Logow.sys "and" Logos.sys "might change theextension (for example, *. org). Or use one of the programs that dothis for you, for example, Master Logo    .:: * Write lock status * Desk::. If we want, so nobody poprzestawiał our icons on the Windows desktop, just in the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer to add a new DWORD value named NoSaveSetting and enter its value 1.      .:: * Blocking access to configuration settings in the Start Menu *::. The removal of configuration options (Control Panel, FolderOptions, printers, etc.) available from the Start menu, select"Settings" obtained by introducing into the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer DWORD value named NoSetFolders and its setting on 1. After suchtreatment under the heading "Settings" in the Start menu will remainonly a configuration option of the taskbar. .:: * Viewing the Startup menu without pressing F8 *::. Before you start the graphical interface system, you can activatethe boot menu by which you can run Windows in Safe mode, run theDOS-only session and access to, etc. Usually, we obtain the menu bypressing F8, but you can request that the system showed itself to menufor a certain period of time so that you do not need to watch for amoment when the F8 is active: a. using Explorer or other tools to browse the contents of discsfind the file "Msdos.sys. This file is located in the root of thesystem drive (usually C:). Note, the file has the attribute "hidden",so to see it in Windows Explorer, it is necessary to set theappropriate option to preview folders b. Make a copy of the file "Msdos.sys" at any folder, c. Return to the original file, click the right mouse button and select "Properties", d. In the Properties window, uncheck the option "Read only", e. Run the MS-DOS session (choose from the me-now "Start" Programs "à" MS-DOS) and type "edit C: \ msdos.sys" f. Find the section that begins with "[Options]" and enter the following parameters: BootMenu = 1 BootMenuDefault = 1 BootMenuDelay = nn (where nn is the number of seconds) The first line activates the start menu, the second determineswhich menu item is the default, and the third defines the time at whichit is displayed on the screen (after which the system automaticallystarts the default option, that is, loading the system), g. Save the file (under the same name and in the same place), h. Exit the editor, and then close the session of a DOS-command "exit", I re-open the file properties window (see point c) and check back to "Read Only". After the computer restarts, you'll see the Startup menu.     .:: * * Do you have a virus::. There is a simple way to check whether your computer is not thevirus resides. Just restart the computer when you start hold down theCtrl key and - when the Windows startup menu-select "Only the commandline safe mode". Then type chkdsk and check how much memory is. Thisshould be exactly 655 360. Any lower value will almost certainly meansthe presence of virus!   .:: * Desktop in a window *::. It is possible to view the contents of the Desktop window. To dothis, simply select "Run" from the Start menu and type "." (Full stop,without the quotes).   .:: * New Folder dialog *::. If you have enabled on the system display the contents of folderswith a single explorer window, there is a moment when you need onewindow, while double-click the folder that interests you hold down theCtrl key.   .:: * * Change the folder icon::. Open the Registry Editor, locate the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory\ DefaultIcon, the correct value of this key should be as follows: C: \WINDOWS \ SYSTEM \ shell32.dll, 3. Now replace it on a path to youricon, where the last digit (in this example, the figure 3) is thenumber of icons in the library of icons (file type xxx.dll). The iconsare numbered from zero (0,1,2, and so on).    .:: * * Tracking Internet::. Along with Windows (both 95 and 98) is supplied with a small program running in DOS window - Trace Route. To start it ... 1. ... from the Start menu select: "Programs / MS-DOS." 2. In the command line, type "tracert" and then enter the webaddress or number (address) IP server to which you want to call. Anexample line might look like this: "tracert". Trace Routeenables the for which the server has to get through our request beforeit reaches the goal (that is, triggered by our server). Although theprogram meets generally only features information helps determinewhether an error indicating that, for instance, the server can not befound is due to the exclusion of actual or malfunction of any of theintermediate "stops".   .:: * Configure TCP / IP *::. It would appear that, having installed Windows, you can not in anyway to check what IP address is assigned to your computer whenconnecting to the Internet. Fortunately, Microsoft provides the systemwith the "IP Configuration". Run it using the Start menu, located inthe "Run" then typing "winipcfg". The program will display thecurrently assigned by the server IP address, as well as several otheruseful information. Condition: A computer at the launch of the programmust be connected to the Internet. Failure to do so as an IP address isdisplayed zero (   .:: * Network Monitor *::. If shared with other users of our computer network resources, wecan easily find out who handles it and how many files are open to ourhardware. All information received by the Network Monitor (the programis not installed by default, you must install a module using the "Add /Remove Programs" tab "Windows Setup"). In addition, you can use NetworkMonitor to disconnect your computer from other users, if we know thatit does not make use of our resources. This is beneficial in so thateveryone connected to your computer slowed down slightly by its work.   .:: * Faster Dial-Up *::. Select Control Panel / Modem suitable modem and click Properties,then Advanced. Now, in the Extra settings box, type S11 = 50. Thisfigure indicates the number of milliseconds between successive digitsnumber. Course work, if you choose TONOWO.      .:: * Problems with CD *::. If you have trouble reading the CD insert, because it isscratched, or something like that, disable the options to read the CDin advance. Then work CD'ka will be slower, but it will be more likelyto check what we want.      .:: * Too many speakers *::. Perhaps once you have been surprised by the view of two or evenmore on the taskbar głośniczków. I mean, you only have one sound card!To eliminate redundant loudspeakers can be used to program the SystemConfiguration Utility ". The program runs the command "msconfig" (StartMenu | Run). 1. Select the "Startup". 2. Check how many times is called the "systray.exe" (to be only once). 3. Uncheck the redundant entries. 4. Close the "System Configuration Utility and restart your computer.      .:: * * Annoying screen saver::. Many people have installed the screen saver. Annoying is that forexample if you want to defragment the disk, he turns on a 3 min.However, it is sure a way that is not included. Just for example, whenyou defragment, click the START button and the problem of the head. Aslong as the bar is expanded, the screen saver will not turn on.     .:: * Cumbersome applications *::. By installing the software is not always possible to predict theeffects of the application. Some programs may soon pozmieniać such asdesktop settings, which may be napracowaliśmy. As in that case, go backto previous settings? 1. First, uninstall the program using the module "Add / Remove Programs" in Control Panel. 2. Close Windows using the "Restart in MS-DOS." 3. In DOS, run-ie "scanreg. exe "and choose" Restore the Registry ". 4. From the list displayed in the list of available backups,select the registry set up before you install the "fatalnego" program. 5. Exit the program and restart your computer. Registry settings should be restored to its previous state.      .:: * Not enough space on HDD *::. During Windows installation files are created, which will not beabsolutely necessary, only occupy unnecessary space. You can deletethese files, but you must know who is the files: FUND000 - they are lost to anyone not already clustered. AVI - when you install certain programs in the HELP directory AVI files are created. They are not necessary. GID - completely unnecessary files. You can also delete all backups and dumps, which is the TMP files,BAK, and OLD. In the Windows BMP files are boring, they also can beremoved. Many also takes place on the trash bin. You can simply deleteor disable. And at the end when we needed you can disable the browsercache.   .:: * Frequent changes in the registry *::. If you often make modifications to the registry just switchingsome options you can use as a command set up their own *. reg file.These files are the easiest to create in the ordinary Windows Notepad.Here is a sample block access to your display settings: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \CurrentVersion \ Policies \ System] "NoDispCPL" = dword: 00000001 Now, to perform an action, we do not have to have "hand" tomodify the registry. Simply double-click the *. reg file created andconfirm their willingness to change the contents of the registry. Ofcourse, in order to cancel the changes made by the best use of oneanother, performing the opposite effect.   .:: * Speed up your computer *::. Get a few seconds when you start your computer if you modify thecontents of the file slightly Msdos.sys. This file is in the rootdirectory of the boot disk (probably C: \). 1. Open the C: drive, right-click the file "msdos.sys" and select "Properties." 2. Attributes uncheck "Read Only" and "Hidden". 3. Again, this file, right click your mouse and select "Open z. .." and then "Notepad." 4. In Windows Notepad you'll see the contents of the filemsdos.sys. By the phrase "[Options]" add a line containing: BootDelay =0. 5. Close Notepad, and the question about the behavior change affirmative answer. 6. Again, select "Properties" from the File menu msdos.sys and set back the attributes "Read Only" and "Hidden".   .:: * Print the contents of the Device Manager *::. If you can not cope alone with the problem of hardware, moreconvenient to print the contents of the Device Manager and take a printvendor computer than to bear the entire computer. In order to print youshould: 1. In Device Manager, select the device that causes trouble. 2. Click the Print button. Three print options, see: "Summary of"printing a detailed report put up by system resources, "Selected classor device" are printed on the selected data device, and "All devicesand system summary" is a combination of the two previous reports.   .:: * * Excluding autodtwarzania::. After you insert kompaktu hold down the Shift key until the LED turns off when the CD-Rom'ie.      .:: * Too frequent disconnection *::. Most narażającym to unnecessary cost problem appears when using amodem is that frequent picking of the communication. In addition tothat, as a result of sometimes just a few seconds the connection doesnot gain anything, yet we have to pay for the calculated pulses(because the connection has been made). One solution is to force themodem to try to maintain a connection even in blatant zaników signal. 1. From the Start menu, select Settings Control Panel. 2. Double-click the module "Modem" and then select "Properties." 3. In the open window, select the "Connection" and click on "Advanced ...". 4. In the "Additional Settings" box, type "S10 = 50". Theseactivities involve the use of a modem registers (here: S10), whichforces the modem to maintain a connection for 5 seconds, even when thesignal disappears completely. Page 5 seconds is long enough, that issufficient to ensure that the signal returned. The larger the value isnot recommended due to the fact that the modem is set at too high aregister that will be very long realized the connection.

.:: * Change the names and symbols in the Start menu *::. Placed in the Start menu names and icons of programs you canmodify by clicking it with the right mouse button and selecting"Properties". In the properties file, you can modify not only the name,path and parameters, but also change the icon and the so-called. "Hotbutton" to start the program using the keyboard shortcut. To selectthese functions are appropriate menu buttons properties. To protect thefile against unauthorized access, you can attach it to the attribute"hidden" which is on the tab "General".   .:: * * Unchanged devices::. If you find that your computer is configured optimally and do notwant anyone pozmieniał parameters such as the equipment is installed,you can disable access to the Device Manager. 1. Look in the registry key: HKEY_ CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Framework. 2. Create a new DWORD item named "NoDevMgrPage" and give it thevalue 1. Return to standard measures the value of giving your 0.   .:: * The program is suspended? This is the response *::. If the program does not respond, try pressing Alt + Ctrl + Delete,select the program that "not responding" and then wybrarz option "EndTask".     .:: * * Lock the network settings::. If, for security reasons, wish to, so nobody can modify yournetwork settings, you can make to the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Network named the new "NoNetSetup" and set its value to 1. A value of 0 restores its initial state.      .:: * Where * Password::. If your computer is not connected to the network (not applicableto connections to the Internet) and you you are the only user system,there is no need for you to log on when you start the system. But whatI do when on the screen during each run, you receive the login window? 1. Close the login window, and wait to boot up. 2. Select the module "Passwords" in Control Panel. 3. Click the "User Profiles" and then select "All Users ..." 4. You must still disable the password. Click the "ChangePassword" and enter the old password, and the "New Password" and"Confirm ..." leave it blank.      .:: * Problems z. .. antivirus *::. If, once again trying to install Windows, and stubbornly refusesto install the program after a certain time of obedience and thecomputer is suspended, it is likely to have virus protection enabled inthe BIOS of your computer. It is therefore necessary to enter the BIOS,switch on the option called "Virus Warning" or similar to "Disabled"and then proceed to install the system.      .:: * Computer resources at hand *::. If you have installed Internet Explorer 5, you can have a quickway to access all the resources (disks, floppy disks, networks, etc.). 1. Click the right mouse button in the free space (not occupiedby any icon) on the taskbar and from the context menu, select "Belts..." | "A new bar." 2. In the open window, select Desktop. 3. You will be a new bar, now placed łapiąc handle the mouse to the left side "squeeze" a new strip up to the right. 4. Now click the arrow icon next to "Desktop" from our cascading menus, giving us access to all resources.       .:: * The lack of a CD-ROM for Windows! *::. If, despite the fact that you have installed in your computerCD-ROM in Windows do not see it very possible that on the CD is for DMAmode and the drive does not support it. To turn it off, go to DeviceManager, select the CD-ROM drive name, and then click Properties. Inthe Properties window, uncheck the DMA.       .:: * * Change the owner::. It happens that buying a computer from a friend or ordering thecompany together with the system preinstalled, instead of user data(such as your name) to see something completely different. Informationabout your computer are stored in the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion. Just change the value named "RegisteredOrganization or RegisteredOwner". When you do not like the "favorites" If using a different web browser than Internet Explorer, verypossible that you use for your specific browser space on the bookmarksto pages, so you do not need practice in the Start menu, Expandablemenu "Favorites". Here's how to remove it: 1. In the registry find the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer. 2. In this key create a DWORD value named "NoFavoritesMenu. 3. Enter a value in the edit 1.      .:: * Hide extensions of selected files *::. If you want to decide on what file extensions to be displayed, you can modify the parameters of the extension in the registry. 1. Open the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, and then open to you a. 2. Right-click the name and extension from the context menu select "New" | "String Value". 3. Name the new value "NeverShowExt". Data file extension is nolonger visible when viewing the contents of drives and folders inExplorer.      .:: Bitmap as an icon * *::. If you want to be any icon bitmap simply "bury" in the registry. 1. Open key: HKEY_CLASSES_ ROOT / Paint.Picture / DefaultIcon. 2. The value "(Default)" to modify: "% 1". From now on, any *. BMP file can also be icon.      .:: * Installing Windows OEM version *::. If you already have on your hard disk operating system, you willnot be able to re-install Windows 98 OEM. One option is to remove thecurrent directory to the system, but will be safer if only remove (orchange the name) of the file (or, possibly, - file) named      .:: * The removal of obsolete entries after installed programs *::. Sometimes, as a result failed to uninstall or manually delete theprograms installed in the "Add / Remove programs" are outdated entriesthat can not be removed by clicking on the Add / Remove. But there isanother way: In the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows /CurrentVersion / unistall are subkeys, which stores information aboutinstalled programs. The removal of such Subkeys removes entries fromthe list of Add / Remove. Note that this operation removes only entriesin the registry. Once installed the programs may still be other files,such as the type. Dll files to be located and removed by hand.      .:: * Check the IP address *::. Want to know more about TCP / IP - just click the Start menu / Run, then type in the text box and click Ok Winipcfg. .:: * Problems with your modem *::. If the system stopped working functions based on the modem (suchas HyperTerminal program or Dial-Up Networking) very possible that thedamage has been (or is accidentally deleted) the file "Telephon.ini" inthe Windows directory. To fix this, simply from the \ Windows \ SystemTapiini.exe run.      .:: * Hide Start menu items *::. 1. Start the registry editor and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer. 2. The right of the window, create a DWORD value by selecting oneof the following names. Modification of the name to 1 to activate thefunctions described by it, and to 0 - its exclusion. DWORD names: NoFind - Turn off the option "Find" in the Start menu. NoRun - disable the option "Run in the Start menu. NostartBanner - Removes the "floating" in podpowiadający pressing the button Start.    .:: * Accelerate the exchange of file *::. Open the Control Panel, click System, select Performance andVirtual Memory. Now select the option to set your own parameters ...,select the drive, set the size of your swap file on the 100-250MB inboth the Minimum and Maximum. These settings will speed systems with8-16 MB RAM'u. .:: * * Renaming the Recycle Bin::. While virtually every element of the system (such as "MyComputer", etc.) displayed on the desktop you can change, it does notapply to the Trash. Here's a way to call him like "trash": 1. Start the registry editor and find the key named: HKEY_CLASSES_ ROOT \ CLSID \ (645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E) 2. Double-click "(Default)" and enter a new name. Close the registry editor and refresh the desktop by pressing F5.   .:: * Shortcuts without the arrow keys on the icons *::. If the arrows on shortcut icons appear to you to be an unnecessaryaddition psującym aesthetics of the icons, you can make that will notoccur. The whole trick is to ... 1. Start Registry Editor. 2. Select the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ lnkfile 3. In the content (on the right side of the editor) delete the value "IsShortcut". 4. Now find the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ piffile 5. Delete the value "IsShortcut" in this key. 6. Close the Registry Editor and restart Windows.

Title: 10 free alternative essential applications

Body: If you†™ ve just purchased a new PC and are a little short of funds, you might want to try out these free-to-use alternative to popular essential applications.

Buying a PC can be to expensive proposition, and it may not leave you with enough funds to buy Windows license or productivity software for PC security and media. Here are some free alternative that will do the job just as well.FREE OS:

Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system with a Linux kernel. Unlike the usual Linux-based application, Ubuntu has a graphical user interface (GUl) or desktop environment called GNOME. Since it is an open source application, you can create multiple copies or ever modify the source code as per the provision of the GNU GPL license. Version 8.10 is the latest offering, which comes with 18 months of free updates and full 3 g support. The OS comes loaded with office suite, Firefox as the Internet browser, Pidgin (formerly known as gaim) as the default of Messenger services, and GIMP as the graphics editor. Apart from several lightweight preinstalled games such as Sudoku and chess, Ubuntu so provides bit torrent client transmission support for the desktop version. It might, however, take some time to get used to for novice users. Download from †˜’.


While the transition from MS office 2003 to MS Office2007 what quite tedious for most users, jumping to an open source application instead can be a lot less taxing. There are several freeware and open source application you can pick from, including the 3, GNOME Office, KOffice, and IBM Lotus Symphony, to name a few. Most of these applications can be used either commercially or for personal use without worrying about the number of instances installed. The application supports a large number of commonly used office extensions and some variants like go-oo so support MS Office 2007 formats. With a large number of templates, samples and clip arts available as free downloads, it is very easy to switch to any of these application if you are used to the Microsoft Office 97-2003 or XP versions.


Many people don†™ t realize that MS Outlook is a paid application under the MS Office suite. Even the free-to-use Outlook Express comes bundled with Windows, but isn†™ t quite feature-rich. If you are looking for something more in your email client, you can opt for free applications like Eudora, claws mail or Mozilla Thunderbird. While Eudora can be used only across a Windows or Mac OS system, the other two are open source and cross-platform email clients. The applications can support S/MIME for secure email, POP and IMAP, and come equipped with a built-in RSS/Atom reader for simple news aggregation. The cross platform applications are offered in over 25 languages.


If you plan to use external devices like flash drives, or get an Internet connection for your computer, you require a good antivirus program. While you would get a better and wider range of protection from a paid antivirus application, freeware antivirus utilities do not offer protection against root kits and spam, nor can you secure network servers. If you want basic protection, you can choose from a host of free applications like AVG Antivirus, avast! And Avira Antivirus and ZoneAlarm firewall system to protect your system from viruses and spyware applications. However, you would require an Internet connection to keep the antivirus program updated.


Most of the popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, are available as a free download. While you do get IE8 with the Windows Vista and window 7 operating systems, it is compatible with windows XP too. If you are not a Windows user, you can opt for Mozilla Firefox instead. The second most widely used web browser after Internet Explorer, Firefox 3 is a free and open source web browser from the Mozilla application suite, which can be used with almost all popularly used operating systems. You can also opt for Opera browser if you are used to Opera Mini on your smartphone.


Compressed files offer the perfect solution to not only sends huge files, but so to email folders that are generally not accepted as attachments. While Windows offers a free compressed folder viewer option, this works only with ZIP files. Another popular free-to-use option is WinRaR, which supports both ZIP and RAR files. WinRAR also supports splitting and later combining of spilt files. But if you want to use encryption with compressed files or need better compatibility with a variety of extensions, PeaZip is a better option. It is a free-to-use file archiving application that supports 14 different formats, and as additional 23 formats to open, browse, extract and test archived files, but you cannot create archives using these formats.Norton AntiVirus 2011-1 user/3 PcAmazon price: $21.86List price: $59.99PowerDVD-10 ultra 3DAmazon price: $49.00List price: $99.95Microsoft Office 2010 plain & SimpleAmazon price: $16.49List price: $ $50 gift card (0109) Amazon price: $50.00FREE PDF READERS:

After developing the portable documents format (PDF) for transferring files in a standard format, Adobe Systems provides Adobe Reader (formerly known as Acrobat Reader) as a free download to view and print PDF files. The application is available for most of the popular operating systems and so for portable devices. However, this application tends to slow down your system considerably. You can opt for other free PDF readers instead, which include evince, Foxit Reader, GSview, Nitro PDF reader, Nuance PDF reader, PDF-XChange Viewer, Qiqqa, Sumatra PDF, STDU viewer of the Microsoft Reader for eBooks with LIT extension.


Most music players are offered as of the popular free downloads. This includes a variety of applications including iTunes, media monkey, Winamp, and songbird (the latter two are open source digital media players). Most of these players also enable you to access websites to purchase music. These applications also enable iPod syncing.


VLC media player is a free open source media player. The application is available under the GNU General Public License. VLC player can play any audio or video file with the user required to download and install the necessary codecs or add-on packages. The application is compatible with most popular operating systems. It is also the first player to support playback of encrypted DVDs on Linux. You can also download and use the K-Lite Codec pack, which includes the Windows Media Player classic, which can play most of the popular video formats with ease.


If you enjoy digital photograph, then you need an application which will not only help you with the basic fixes for you images, but also something that helps you arrange and sort them with ease. One such freeware application is Picasa 3, which enables you to carry out a range of various image-related activities, including viewing images, basic image enhancements, importing image from external devices, creating girt CDs, movie clips, making photo collages, taking screenshots, and carrying out batch editing of images. You can also upload pictures to your Google Picasa web account, add images to your BlogSpot blog, add gadgets to your images, and order photo prints online. The latest version comes with a Picasa Photo Viewer application to display a quick preview of your images.

Title: 5 gadgets that broke new ground in 2010

Title: 5 simple secrets of the most successful blogs

Body: 1. focuses on a popular content. one of the most important characteristics of a successful blog is appropriate content. In order to gain a wide following your blog must cover a topical area that is wide enough to be of interest to a large number of individuals, but specific enough to be significant. weblogs, which provide information on collapse topics can have a larger audience because the topic is of limited interest. So if you? ' re going to start a blog on your own, make sure that your content area is broad enough to appeal to a wide audience. 2. content? s timely. the best way to keep your blog readers are interested in contemporary content. your blog should cover current events, opinions, and topics. Popular weblogs often comment on current events related to the particular field or industry. Not only is the content meaningful to blog readers, but encourage them to interact with the blog posts by placing comments. Timely content is anything that is of current interest. the best sources for timely content include newspapers, magazines, Internet news sites and industry magazines. be sure to choose timely content that may be discussed and debated. This improves the overall effectiveness of blog posts. 3. updated daily. blogs that attract the most readers, they take up popular content areas, covering timely topics and is updated on a daily basis. If weblogs are adding a new record every day, and readers have a reason to go back. provide daily updates on a consistent basis helps users develop a habit of visiting daily. Updated content builds a loyal following while encourage word-of-mouth referrals about your posts. 4. comments from industry experts. Nothing to with speaks with more authority than an interview expert. the most popular blogs integrate interviews, commentary, podcasts, and other items that contain on expert who offers his thoughts and opinions on a given topic or current event. It is an important reason why so many people back to the most popular blogs over and over again. If you? Re wondering how to recruit experts on your blog, than the appearance of today's best practices for blogging and internet marketing? just ask. Industry experts are always looking to share their ideas. If you can not arrange for a personal or telephone interviews, e-expert a list of questions and ask for their response. 5. use of interactive media and photo quality. It is difficult for blog readers to read flat, boring text day in and day out? regardless of how stimulating a subject can be. the most popular bloggers know this, and have improved their blogs with audio, video, external links, screenshots and much more. the best way to improve the overall popularity of your blog is to present blog content in a variety of formats. visit other blogs and find out what type of interactivity would work best for your blog. You do not need to go over, just to add interactive content where it makes sense to do it by following the lead of today's most popular blogs, your blog can enjoy. Follow the blog secrets listed above to improve your blog and improve readership. The main task is to plan your blogging activities carefully and encourage interaction with readers. It improves the overall effectiveness of your blog and gives a really great blogging experience for everyone. Happy blogging! insertVideo('YouTube',_'yjvBhUiXdbI',_'videoYouTubeBig',_'',_'video_529839',_'');Successful blogging links successful blogging book launch... Blogging a brilliant way to spread your ideas, set up a new business, position aufpeppen eleven as an expert or launch a new career. So I've written a book called in 12 simple steps successful blogging specially for those people. Blogging not just for techxperts we need bloggers from all walks of life with various opinions and interests. Successful blogging in 12 simple steps is designed to simplify the blogging process and get people started as quickly as possible, while also making sure your blog is well planned so you dont make mistakes and have to start over again. blogging... Successful blogging in 12 simple steps is the easiest and fastest way to learn about blogging. Help you win new business – because successful blogs turn visitors into customers. I guarantee this course will save you time and make your blogging experience more successful and enjoyable. If blogging took technical skill, the people making the most money blogging would be tech-heads. of blogging > > > strategy, ideas, social media, and the business of a successful blog and online presence. Successful blog is where bloggers meet to share their successes and swap... This article contains information which details the art of successful blogging. Beginners can learn the basics about blogging; Advanced bloggers can learn how to take their blog up a notch. & q = successful + AND + blogging & .bcrumb ycTkcOf9dEvLearn how to be A successful blogger [blogging with success] = > > > > and more importantly, how blogging is it related to? Recently, a reader said that he did not like that links on blogging with success open in same tabs. Signup for blogging with success updates and get full articles straight in your Inbox. things I've learned about successful blogging [my 5000th... > > > > > I was asked recently as the last question (with 60 seconds to go) in a radio interview how ID built my blogs into successful blogs.] I started ProBlogger back in 2004 (after blogging for a couple of years on other blogs) with a suspicion that making money from blogs would be something that would become more and more common. While ID been blogging for two years before starting this blog and had been making money from those blogs for a year I was a the beginning of my journey and wanted to learn more about blogging. Your readers will be more drawn into your blogging if they see you as the blogger are engaged. building blocks of successful blogging > > > > > the Internet overflows with blogging information and advice. Sign up to the daily blog tips newsletter and you will be able to download the "Make Money Blogging" eBook for free (worth $47). I think focus on connections is most important block of successful blogging. Having connections is really important to being a successful blogger and it can help you achieve what you are supposed to achieve in years in months.'m blogging that! | Make money online, tools for successful > > > in the blogging, MyBlogLog is a social network service used community. > > > > would you like to be notified when a new article is added to the blogging category? Blogging has become a very broad and expansive part of the internet in our world today. I will establish and present to you the most valuable ways I believe on how you can start becoming a successful blogger. Everyone has to start participating in anything somewhere, unfortunately in this industry you will undoubtably start small, and if you put time and effort into your blog you may become successful. blogging techniques & id = 4232272Successful > > > > > > there are some dangers you need to watch out for, though, but the most ethical and effective ways to get paid blogging will be shown on. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on how to earn from blogging. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on how to use trackback of when blogging. Here is a list of the successful bloggers contributing to successful Blogging.

Title: 5 great reader applications for the iPhone

Body: The iPhone and both very significant mobile media to surf on the Internet and the news are iPod touch to keep blog posts and various Web searches. If it read to online documents, both can be devices practically make a paperless readability.

Here are five mobile applications, you should have installed on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Note: all links are to apps on iTunes Musica Store.See all 5, that PhotosInstapaperInstapaper is an application, which makes reading online content very easy and fast. If you download products by instapaper, it can be these documents free of surrounding images and display Strip, so that you read only headlines and text. On top of that, instapaper contains a unique feature that allows you to simply titling the device back and forth through the text done by. You don†™ t have to the page of the iPhone screen click to move to the next page. Instapaper was recently updated, some very nice features for RSS feeds and archiving articles contain.Kindle for iPhoneAmazon Kindle for iPhoneAmazon Kindle for the iPhone and iPod touch is another very addictive application for literary reading on these mobile devices. If you have an Amazon account, you can download the first chapter or two Kindle books that are sent to your mobile device. This is a great way to try the book for free before you decide to make a purchase. Kindle for the iPhone just make you want to have the Kindle itself might be. There†™ s nothing as you can with a few books on your mobile device, read everywhere, like. And what sets the Kindle application on the iPhone in addition to the Kindle itself is that the former a backlit screen. So you can easily in bed or on a plane read on without additional lights. There are other similar eBook reader apps for the iPhone; Close eReader and Stanza.ProRSS and Google ReaderProRSS is just what the name implies. It downloads feeds and individual article that itself or on the website they can be read in the application of were created. However, if you find that you like instapaper, up having described, you may not ProRSS. Google Reader for iPhone is also another good option, simply because Google is the same reader on your desktop for your iPhone is. Simply go to à on your iPhone and log on.EverNote and iFariEvernote is a popular application for all kinds of saved documents, Web pages, notes and images for your EverNote account upload and then download your content on your iPhone or iPod touch. Your EverNote account acts as the Internet cloud, that what you upload it almost immediately in the EverNote of mobile client to display.

a useful Web-based application is iFari, to ensure you to lock and your Web search with the activity on your iPhone. This Cana€ ™ t using the Safari browser on the iPhone to be done. You can bookmark Web pages to iFari but that 's€ ™ s about as far as it goes in the administration.

Title: 10 best free starter apps for all Android phone - Samsung intercept, LG Optimus V, droid X.

Body: The Android market in an app Wonderland. You have a little of all games, widgets, social networking applications, System Tools, and a little (perhaps many) of spam thrown in for good measure. There are 70,000 + apps to choose from-it can be overwhelming, but be in a good way * grin *. Thinking at a kid in a candy store trying to decide what first food! You need to start somewhere, however.A

The Android powered devices I used heard Thea Samsung intercept-â I, that I crowned think installations on the pre-installed stuff on about 35 / 40 app out. This sounds like many apps, but when compared to the droid-X, you can fit hundreds on it without problem.

The fact is that the inner space of many Android phones is relatively limited. Decide which will make the cut, can be a difficult task.

In the interest of you help "start somewhere", here is a list of the Starter app. These apps are great places to start if you have a lower end phone with limited space or a tanker phone such as the droid X.

Title: A Guide to Bluetooth

Body: Bluetooth is a wireless personal area network (PAN). It provides a way for multiple devices to the exchange of information, such as it works in things like mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and now video game consoles. It works but to combine a short range radio frequency devices.

Bluetooth has three different is going on, of which there a M, 10 M and 100 M can work. the normal range for devices such as mobile phones is 10 m. Work for Bluetooth, it must be paired with something, such as a Bluetooth headset for a mobile phone must be combined with the, it is used with. Bluetooth is intended for its relations with other devices with a pass code that need to know both devices.

Can Bluetooth on and turning off of either enables devices in the relationship. The only downfall of the Bluetooth is that it reduces the battery in the device, in which it operates, if it is turned on.

Title: 10 open source VoIP softphones

Body: Let source-VoIP series us continue with our open: today theme will... be softphones There are a lot of softphones, some of them are free of charge, perhaps you need to pay for some other, but can concentrate on what really important, quality open source softphones. As open-source-was, is and will be getting better and better and it respects your freedom. Freedom to do what you want, so includes telephone.

Title: A free list of e-book readers

Intro: E readers are becoming increasingly popular, and there are several ways if you decide to purchase. How e- readers have developed, they have developed devices, which allow you to read do more than just books; You can read magazines and newspapers, videos, check e-Mail and use social media.

Step 1: The Amazon Kindle is available in two sizes: 6-inch Kindle and the 9, 7-inch Kindle DX. The 6-inch Kindle can be purchased with just Wi-Fi connectivity or with free 3 g and Wi-Fi. The 6-inch Wi-Fi-Kindle is $139, while $189 is the 6-inch with free 3 g and Wi-Fi. The 9, 7-inch Kindle DX with free 3 g is $379 prices are as of May 2011. The Kindle get you access to supports large e-book store and PDF files, but does not support EPUB files.

Step 2: There are two Barnes & noble angle to purchase available: regular still life and the NookColor. In addition to books, the NookColor full supports magazines and newspapers. It has a 7-inch interactive touch screen. The NookColor has also an apps store, which you access to e-Mail applications and games applications, among other things. It supports also YouTube and other video. Regular still-life with so many bells and whistles does not come, but has the electronic paper display and a 6-inch screen. Regular still life access ($199) or only Wi-Fi ($149) can be purchased with AT & T 3 G and Wi-Fi. NookColor ($249) only comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Prices reflect may 2011. The NookColor comes with 8 GB of internal memory, while the nook has 2 GB.

Step 3: Kobo eReader-wireless is a lightweight e-reader with a 6-inch e-ink display. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and supports PDF and EPUB files. A big draw is the 100 free, complete pre-loaded e-books. The other popular devices coming up fast, with the many, if not. It can store more than 1,000 e-books. $139 As of May 2011 is Kobo wireless eReader.

Step 4: Sony offers three different versions of his "reader": the Pocket Edition, the touch Edition and the daily output. The Pocket Edition is Sony's thinnest, lightest version. It has a full 5-inch touch-screen, up to 1,200 works and has a two weeks battery life. The touch Edition has a 6-inch full touch screen, has audio/MP3 capability, and holds up to 50,000 works. The daily output is Sony's biggest readers. It comes with a 7-inch full touch screen, Wi-Fi and free 3 g connectivity and keeps up to 50,000 works. The daily Edition has a battery life of 22 days.

5 The Apple step: IOS is a tablet that can serve as an e-reader. The latest version of the iPad can be purchased with just Wi-Fi connectivity or with Wi-Fi and 3 g. It has a 9, 7 inch LED backlit display full touch screen. The iPad comes with his own books-app, but you can also download nook, Kindle and Kobo apps, making it the most versatile e-reader on file types.

Title: 8 reasons Tablet PC select

Title: 3 g phone definition

Intro: 3 g see telephone networks of the third generation of mobile technology, the advanced wireless technology including high speed Internet and contains video calls.

Step 1: this network 2003 use the first major U.S. wireless carrier Verizon Wireless was (it was for the first time in Japan in 2001). Cingular Wireless, now known, a slower and more limited network in the United States led in 2003 called EDGE (or 2.75G).) AT & T wireless AT & T has since switched to 3 g for many of their cell phone novels.

Step 2: 3 g is now widespread countries such as Indonesia in Japan and the United States, but still expect 3 g services because of the cost of implementation. Royalties and equipment costs have the introduction of such services in some European countries and slowed down.

Step 3: telecommunications companies incurred much debt might have difficulties to pay license fees. According to 3 g licensing AG or royalties for licensed products as high as $3 per unit sold can run.

Step 4: For the consumer, the high cost of 3 g devices and Internet plans were a turn-off. According to AT & T Wireless price plans, which cost difference in service between the original iPhone and iPhone 3 g are $160 on the life of a 1-year service contract.

Step 5: A fourth generation of mobile technology 4 g, was recently developed in Japan. When fully realized, this service offer voice, data and multimedia with faster Internet upload and download speeds.

Title: 2008 buyer's Guide on handheld PDAs

Title: 13 types of articles, readers to win

Body: If you want to attract readers to your blog, there are various techniques you can use for this, but lots of traffic from your blog that you write which depends on articles. Also, if you win more and more readers want, can you not mediocre write articles that are useful for your readers. This is why in this article show different types of elements, which can help everyday your blog get more readers.

Title: 1000 most popular software

Body: 1 * 1 - Easy Calendar Maker Program! * 10 Finger BreakOut - Free Typing Game * 100 Happy Money Screensaver * 100% Free Java Tree Applet * 123 Animation Creator * 123 Audio Video Merger * 12Ghosts ScrSavMan * 12Ghosts ShutDown * 1CLICK DVD COPY 5 * 1st Dialer * 1st Ip Port Scanner * 1st Security Administrator * 1Time2 * 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea3 * 3000 Years Calendar * 3D Animated under Sea * 3D Christmas Clock Screensaver * 3d Christmas Tree ScreenSaver * 3D DNA ScreenSaver * 3D Fish School Screensaver * 3D Galaxy Screensaver * 3D Grapher * 3D Green Animated Cursors * 3D Kit Builder (F22 Raptor) * 3D Maker * 3D Model Editor * 3D Multi Series Stacked Column Graph * 3D Power Lines * 3D Slot Car Racing Game * 3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph Software4 * 4Musics MP3 Bitrate Changer6 * 602PC SUITE8 * 8086 Microprocessor EmulatorA * A Day on the Farm * ABC Amber TBB Converter * ABC Timetable * ABCpdf .NET * ABCSpell for Outlook Express * Abee CHM Maker freeware * Able2Extract * Absolute Database ODBC Driver * Absolute StartUp * ACAD DWG to PDF Converter * ACAD DWG to XLS Converter * Acceleration Startup Manager + Release RAM Bundle for Win2k/XP * Access Form Resizer * ACDSee for Mac * ACDSee Plugin - RoboEnhancer * ACDSee PowerPack * Ace Password Sniffer * Ace Translator * Acid Dreams * ACT-Outlook Synchronizer * Active DJ Studio * Active NTFS Reader for DOS * Active Partition Recovery * ActMon PWL Password Finder (WASP) * Actual Spy * Acumen QuikSMS * Add Contacts * AddTime * Adios! Extreme Filesystem Cleaner * Admin Script Editor * Adobe Captivate Enhancement Pack * Adorage for Movie Maker * ADShareit SWF to Video Converter Pro * Advanced Bash Scripting Guide * Advanced Data Generator * Advanced Data Grid Control * Advanced Excel Repair * Advanced Fading Text * Advanced Gamma Corrector (AGC) * Advanced Host Monitor * Advanced Intuit Password Recovery * Advanced Menu Bar * Advanced RTF2PDF Converter * Advanced Scrolling Text Software * Advanced System Optimizer * Advanced Uninstaller PRO * Advent Calendar * aeDating * Aerial Views US Cities * AIM Buddy Icon Stealer * AIM Sniffer * AirGobbler Packet Generator * Al-Quran Explorer * Alcohol 120% * Alcohol 52% * Alien War - Web Page Edition * AllDay * Allenatore - Italian Football Manager II * AllSync * AllWebMenus Javascript Menu Dreamweaver Extension * AllWebMenus NetObjects Fusion component * Altova XMLSpy Professional Edition * Amazing 3D Aquarium - Animated Screensaver and Wallpaper * AMS mouse recorder * Angelina Jolie Screen Saver * ANI Extractor * Anti-BO * Anti-Hack * Anti-keylogger * AnyDVD * APFill - Ink Coverage Meter * Aprisa * Aqua 3D Screensaver * Aqua Data Studio * Aquarium With Tropical Fish * Aquatica 3D * Aquatica Waterworlds Screen Saver * ArcSoft PhotoStudio * Ardamax Keylogger * Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor * ArKaos VJ * Art Deco Fonts * Art-Copy Shareware * Asmw PC-Optimizer pro * ASP/PHP Web Application Builder * AssetManage * AST Calendar Screensaver * Asterisk Password Reveal * Astral Tournament * AT File Mole * aTaskManager * Atelier Web SMS Pro * Atomic Superball: The Chicken Edition * Audio Multi-Channel Generator * Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter * Auto Detroit 2001 Screensaver * Auto-Betfair * Auto-Keyboard * Automatic Scuttle Submitter * AutoPlay Media Studio * Autorun Inf Editor * AV Voice Changer Software * Avatar Sizer * AVS Video Converter * Awale * Awesome Tropical Reefs Screen Saver * AzDGDatingLiteB * Baby Diary * Bad Toys 3D * BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Collaboration Server * Bandwidth Controller Standard * Banner Maker Pro * BarCode Checker * Barcode Maker * BarCode-ActiveX * Beach Slam 2 Pro Beach Volleyball * Bentley Font PS * Best Friends * Best Movie Player * Best Picture Posters * Better JPEG photo editor * Beyond Compare * Beyond TV * Bible Code Oracle * BiblePromise * BibTexMng * BigJig * Bigle 3D * Bios Logo Changer * BitDefender Professional Plus * Black Widow - Media Desktop * Blackbox 3D MP3 Player Skinning Kit * BlazeDVD * Bodie's Calendar * Bookmark Converter * BootSkin * BrainsBreaker * Brave Dwarves 2 * BT Engine * Bubble Bobble Nostalgie * Bubble Shooter 2 * Bubble Shooter Deluxe * Bubble Snooker * Bud Redhead - The Time ChaseC * C++ Editor * C/C++ SLOC Counter * CAD Version Converter * Calendarium * Cannabinatic Screensaver * CardPro * Casimage * CAVEMAN * CD Autorun Creator * CD Bank cataloguer * CD Box Labeler Pro * CD Eject Tool * CD Wave Editor * CDAID * CDCheck * CDCover! - Easy Layout * Chameleon * Change Folder Icons * Change Harddisk Volume ID * Charlie the Duck * Chatterbox * Cheat Checker * Check MSI * Checkbook * Chicken Invaders 2 * Chicken Invaders 2 Christmas Edition * Chilkat Encryption .NET Component * Chilkat Mail.NET - Send Email with C# * Chilkat SMTP Visual C++ Library * Chilkat Xml Parser Component * CHM eBook Reader for Pocket PC * CHM2PDF Pilot * Chords * Christ The Light Screensaver * Christmas Pictures Screensaver * Christmas Story Christian Screen Saver * ClamAV/SOSDG * Classic Fonts PS * Classic Solitaire (Zire, Tungsten, Treo 600) * CleanCache * Clever BoxMan * Click Clock * Client/Server Comm Lib for C/C++ * Clock Screen Saver * CloneCD * CodeCharge Studio * CoffeeCup Free DHTML Menu Builder * CoffeeCup Free Flash Text Wizard * Color Lines Classic * Comic Book Millennium * Commercial Jets * Complete Anonymous Web Surfing * Complete MPEP Edition 8 Revision 2 * CompleX CD/DVD burner Pro for Total Commander * CompuPic Pro * Computer Lock Up * concat * ConnectCNC * Contra Game Workshop * Contract Master * Convert DOC to PDF For Word * CoolHide * CoolMenu Control * CoolSpeech * Copy DVD to CD-R * Countdown Clock * CoverPro * Craig's Die Roller * Crazy Eights Deluxe * Crazy Minesweeper * CRD * Creative Project Manager * Credit Card Online Validator * Critical Mass Deluxe * Crossword Compiler * Crossword FillIns * Crossword Power * Crypton * Crystal Metronome * Custom Radio for Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA III) * Cute CD DVD Burner * Cute Woman In Aqua Lingerie Screensaver * CwGet morse decoder * CyPetD * DAC for MySQL * Data Entry Test 2004 * Data Pilot * DB Calc for Windows * DBF Editor * DBF to SQL * DBF to XLS (Excel) * DBF Viewer * DBPix * DBxtra - ad hoc query and reporting tool * Declan's Korean Dictionary * Deer Hunting Expert * DejaVu * DELUXE BILLARD * Deluxe Ski Jump 3 * DemonStar - Classic * DeskTop Author * DeskTop Baby * Desktop Background Magician * Desktop Lock * Desktop Sidebar * Desktop Wallpaper * Dial-Up Monitor * DigiMode Ms PacMan Pack * Digital Music Mentor * Direct TV 0N your PC * Directory Opus * DISKdata * Diskeeper Home Edition * Diskeeper Professional * DiskState * DISLIN for Compaq Visual Fortran * Disney Fantasia * DiveVisions * DJ Mix Pro * Double Solitaire * DRAFTPRINT * DraftSurvey Pro * DreamCalc Graphing Calculator * DreamKana * DRevitalize * Drill-Down Tally 2007 (Enterprise Server Edition) * Drug Wars - Underworld * Duke Nukem 3D * Duplicate Email Remover * Duplicate Finder * DVD Audio Extractor * DVD Cover Searcher Pro * DVD Ghost * DVD Reauthor * DVD to MPEG Converter * DVdriver * DWG2PDF PDF Converter * Dynamic AutoComplete ToolE * e-Backup * E-Community Builder * e-Xpressor MIDI Voicer * Earth Explorer * EarthWatch * Easy Button Creator * Easy Ebook Creator * Easy Go Back * Easy HTML Autorun Builder * Easy Index Generator * Easy JPEG Printer * Easy Mosaic * Easy MP3 to CD Converter * Easy Print Calendar * Easy Schedule Maker * Easy Songwriter * Easy Tab Maker Pro * Easy Video Capture * Easy Video Joiner * Easy Web Cam * Easycab Pro Builder * EasyCert 70-290 Exam Simulator E * easyEdit * EasyEx html mail * eBookSnap Ebook Creator Software * EdIt! * EditPlus * ELECTRA * Electrical Calculations * Elliott Wave Analyzer * Email Validation Component for .NET * EMBook * EMF Viewer * EMTask_Trigonometry * encryptX SecurDataStor Premium * Enigma * Enterprise Architect for UML 2.1 * EphPod * ESBCalc - Freeware Calculator * Etymonix MPEG-2 Video Codec * Evolution * Evrox * Excel List Compare * Excel Macro Processor * ExcelFIX Excel File Recovery * Explorer View - File Viewer * Express Assist * eXpress IP Locator * Express Web Image Grabber * Extract Message for Outlook * EyeCU * EZ Emoticons * EZ Smileys for AIM * EZBurn DVD to Super VCD Copy and BurnF * Fair-Sound Audio DSP Plug-ins * fake hits creator pro * Family Key Logger * Fast Browser Pro * Fast Folder Rename * FastKey * FastReport * Ferrari F430 ScreenSaver * Fibonacci Calculator * File & Folder Protector * File Generator * File Locator * File Renamer * File Shredder * FileMaker 7 AppleScript Reference * Find Protected * Find Unused Files * Fire Burner * FIRE Screensaver * FlagRASH * Flash Catcher * Flash Decompiler - Eltima SWF to FLA Converter * Flash Editor * Flash Favorite * Flash Games * Flash Image Builder * Flash Movie Extract Pilot * Flash Optimizer (Lite Edition) * FlashChat * FlashGet * Flex FX Mac * Floppy Image * Flow Pro * Flowers Screen Saver and Wallpaper * Folder Guard XP Edition * Folder Maker * Folder Security * FolderAccess * Forex Arbitrage Calculator * Formula 1 * FRACTIONS N DECIMALS * FREE Equation Illustrator(tm) * Free Maze Creator * Free Movie Stars Sketcher * Free Sticky Notes * Freecorder * FreeSpace Pro v.3 * Frequency Filer * FTP Client Engine for Delphi * FTPRush FTP Client * Full Motion Video * Fun4Desktop * Funny MSN Display PicturesG * Gadgets and Gizmos * Game Accelerator * GameBoost * GammaChron * Genesis * Geometry * GetRight * Ghost Installer Free Edition * Ghost Keylogger * GIF Extractor * Ginkgo Paint! * GiPo@FileUtilities * GLBasic SDK premium * GMAT Exam Simulator * GoDiagram * GogoL! * Golden Eye * Goldfish Aquarium * Grand Master Chess * Graph * Graphmatica * GRDuw - Disk Utility * GridLock! * Groovy Lava Screensaver Creator * GroupCalendar * GSM Control * Guitar Chords Library * Guitar Scales Method * GUNNER2H * Handy Animated Emoticons * Harmony Assistant * Harry Potter Screen Saver * HatchKit * HDD Temperature * Hex Editor ActiveX Control * Hex Editor Pro * Hide Folders XP * HindiTrans * Hitler's Europe 1914-45: The Animated Atlas of the Third Reich * HitMaster * honestech Video Editor * HOPMON * Horoscope Explorer * Hot Corners * HotKey CD-Eject * Hounds of the Baskervilles * HPV SOLO PC * HT Video Editor * HT WebCam * Html Code Convert * HTML Encrypt * HTML2EXE * HTMLtoRTF ConverterI * I Robot ScreenSaver * I-FAKER DESKTOP PRO * iCal * iCash * IceChat IRC Client * ICL Builder * IconArt * IconPackager * Idex * IE Timeout Tuner * Im Translator for IE * Image Scroller Applet * Ingo's Chess Office for You * Insane Keyfinder * Instant Remote Control * Instant Theme Creator * Instant ThumbView Free Edition * IntelliComplete * Interactive JPEG Optimizer * Interest Calculator * Internet Access Monitor for MS ISA Server * Internet Access Monitor for Squid * Internet Cleaner * Internet Macros Web Recorder * Internet Usage Monitor * IntraChat * IP Messenger Spam Blocker * IPTunnelManager * iPuissance 4D * IRCommand2 * Islam * iSMARTtrain * iTube!J * JaNaG - Java Name Generator * Japanese-English Visual Pronanciation Dictionary * JFreeReport * JFuse AVI, WMV, MPEG Joiner / Mpeg Splitter * JNIWrapper * Journey to the Center of the Earth * Jpeg Enhancer * JPEG Extractor * JPlayer * Just Right Click Tumbnails for FujiK * Kairon 3 * KarVid * Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal * Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro * KB Piano * KeyTrap * Kintecus * Koala Player XP * Kremlin Encrypt (for Mac OS)L * Lavrov's Virtual Disk Library * Leadership Training * LeaguePad * Learn Hypnosis... Now! * Learn To Type Tutor * Lectra 32 Deutsch TTS * Letter Chase Typing Tutor * lGantt * Library Manager * LigaChampion * Line Counter * Lines 2003 * Linex * LinkFerret WEP Decrypter * Lista Firme * ListGrabber Standard * Live 3D Marine Aquarium Screensaver * Live 3D Waterfalls Screensaver * Live Billiards * LiveWire! Broadcast * Living Cookbook * Living SnowGlobes * LivingTime Personal Timeliner * Lockngo * Long Haired Girl In Lingerie Screensaver * LostGoggles * Lottery Statistic Analyser * Lotto Pro 2009 Lottery SoftwareM * M-Arabic Mail Component * M.W. SMS Sender * m3uEdit1 * m3uEdit2 * Macbeth Software * Mage Bros. * Magic AVI Splitter * Magic Ball * Magic DVD Ripper * Magic Morph * Magic Translator * Magical Mouse-over Button Generator * MagicMessage * MahJong Suite 2008 * Mail Grab - Email Parsing Tool * Make A Storybook * Math Homework Maker * Math Logic * Matrix Inverse Calculator * Matrix MSN Display Pictures * mceWeather * MCSE Masterpack 4 * Meeting Room Manager * MemoriesOnTV * Messenger Plus * Metronome * mGames * Michael Schumacher Screen Saver * Midiola * MightyFax * Mind Reading * miniView * MixMeister BPM Analyzer * MixMeister Pro * Mobile BASIC * Mobile Navigator * Modem Recorder * Moffsoft Calculator * Mood MSN Display Pictures * Moraff's MahJongg * Moraff's SphereJongg * Morgan Multimedia MJPEG Codec * Movie Joiner * Movie Organizer * Mozaik * MP3 Cutter and Joiner * Mp3 Edit Magic * MP3 RM Converter * MP3 Sound Cutter * MP3G to ZIP * Mpeg Splitter * MSDE Manager * MsgBox * MSN Avatar Display Pack * MSN Cartoon Avatar Display Pack * MSN Chat Monitor * MSN Color Selector * MSN Nickname Maker * MSN Simpsons Avatar Display Pack * MSU Denoiser VirtualDub plugin * Multi Ascii Art * Multiplication Table * MultiRenamer * My Command Button ActiveX * My eDiary * My Personal Diary * My Photo Calendars by DigiLabs * My ScheduleN * Names of Christ Christian Screen Saver * Nate's Kentucky Rook * NC Editor * Neo Napster * NeoBook Rapid Application Builder * Neon Clock * Net Control 2 * Net Nanny's Ad-Free Try to Buy Edition * Netemail catcher * NetScream * NetSupport Manager Remote Control * Network Protocols Map Poster * NetZoom Stencils for Visio 2000 * Neuro Hit! * NFL Screen Saver * NFS client and server for windows ProNFS * Nine Men's Morris * Nokia Snake * Norman Virus Control * Norton AntiVirus * Norton Internet Security * Norton Personal Firewall * NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards * Noto Personal Organizer * NPlayer * Nursery Rhymes StudioO * O&O BlueCon XXL * O&O CleverCache Professional Edition * O&O Defrag Professional Edition * OBJ Import for 3D Studio MAX * ObjectDock * OldMovie * OleDb Express * Only Silent Wave * OpenX for Oracle 7,8i * Opulent Font TT * Oracle Query Analyser * OrgPlus 4.0 SE Professional * Orifice * Osama Bin Laden - al Qaeda Government Files * Ozone for Windows Media Player 9P * Pac-Man Extreme * Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows (DLL Edition) * Pacman 2 * Paint Shop Pro * Paintball * Painting Pictures * PalTalk * PaneCutter * Paraben's Calendar Creator * Paragon Partition Manager Personal * Parser Generator * pb2xls * PDF Compress * PDF Image Stamp * PDF Page Number * PDF Ripper * PDF-XChange Lite * PDF-XChange Pro * Personal Diary * pgAdmin III for PostgreSQL P * Phone Call Logger * Photo Album Helper * Photo DVD Maker Professional * Photo Enhancer * PhotoDVD * PhotoKit Sharpener * PhotoMix * PicaView * Picture Cube 3D * Picture Lines * Picture ProgressBar Demonstration * PictureBox ActiveX Control With Inbuilt Zoom and Rotate * PictureRelate * Pinky * Player * Plexis POS * PlusDock * Pocket PC Alarm * Pocket Tanks * PocketMixer * PodLyrics * POP3 Webmail ASP * Port Mapper * Power Hour * Power Internet TV * Power Lotto Wheeler * Power Shutdown * PPT to Jpeg/Jpg/Tiff/Bmps converter * Pretty Woman Undressing Screensaver * Print Preview, PDF, RTF * Programmator for Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624 * ProgressBar * Project Analyzer * ProShow Gold * ProShow Standard * Puzzle InlayQ * QARi Demo * Quest Creator * QuickDoc * QuickSnooker * Qur'an Viewer (Koran)R * Rachel Sterling Camo Bikini Volume 1 Screen Saver * Rainy Screen Saver * Random MSN Names * Random Number Generator Pro * Raptor - Call of the Shadows * Readiris Pro * VCP-310 Exam, VCP-310 Braindumps, VCP-310, VCP-310 Practice Exam * Recover My Files * Recovery for Access * Red Eye Pilot * RedBox Organizer * Reflex * REFOG Keylogger * ReGet Deluxe * Registry Mechanic * Regular Expression Component Library for VC7 * Regular Expressions for MS SQL server * Relaxing Ocean * Remove about:blank Buddy * Remove Toolbar Buddy * Repair My Backup for BKF files * Replay Music * ReportGen for SonicWALL * Restorator * Resumes And Cover Letters For Dummies code * Reverse Mobile Phone Search - Lookup Tool * RiadaHeadline * Right Click Image Converter * ringtones composer * RIP Vinyl * River Past PlayDV * RNDGen * Robust Internet Speed Booster * Robust Internet Speed Booster (Free Full Version) * RPM Remote Print Manager Select * RTF to XHTML Converter * RTF-to-HTML DLL * Rummy 500 by MeggieSoft Games * RVS-COM for ADSLS * SAM Broadcaster * SAM2 Broadcaster * Save Flash * Save Keys * Save Message for Outlook * Scan to PDF * SCML MSFLEXGRID PRINTER * Screen Mate Builder * ScreenVirtuoso PRO * ScriptEase Desktop Win32 * Scudden Death 2 * Secretary Organizer * Sensual Desserts * Serif DrawPlus * Serif WebPlus * Serv-U * Setup Factory * Sharks, Terrors of the Deep * SharpZipLib * Shooting Star * ShopAssist Point Of Sale System * Shrek 2 ScreenSaver * SignIn * Silent Spy * Simple System Tray IMAP Client * SlimFTPd * SMART Ideas Concept-Mapping Software * SmartBlock * SMS Server * SMS Total Control * SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Delphi * SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Visual Basic * SnagIt * SNetSim * Snowfall3D Screensaver * Softany Monitor Control * SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager * Sokoban for Windows * Solitaire Plus! * Solo Martial Arts Drills Ebook * Solo Antivirus Software * Sonic Speedsters * Speakerblowers Database * Spectrum Analyzer pro Live * SPEED FREAK * Speed Math * SpeedOptimizer * Spell Magic * Spider Solitaire * Spider Wizard * Spiderman * SplitCamera * Sports Bet Calculator * Spyware Doctor * SQL Diagrams * SQLBoss Developer (Mac OS X) * Stacker Blocks 3D * Stamp It * Star Downloader Pro * Status Bar Javascript Magic * Stay Connected * Stealth Recorder * StickMen Screen Saver * Stitcher * StockTick - Stock Ticker * STOIK VideoConverter * Stored Procedure Wizard * StormPredator * Subnetting Calculator * SUIPack * Super DX-Ball * Super Mario: Kamek - Magikoopa's Revenge * SuperDVD Player * SuperEmail Marketing * SuperJPG * SurfOffline * SW Cost Estimation Program * SWF to MP3 Converter * SWF6 JPEG to Flash Converter * Swipe Pro * SWiSHmax * Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds Annual Service Edition * SynchronEyes Computer Lab Instruction SoftwareT * Table Applet * Table Tennis Pro * Taller * Tangram 3D * TargetExpress * Team Sports Scheduling System * TerraFire * Terrain for AutoCAD * Terrain for Rhino 3.0 * TestKing 70-350 Exam Simulator * TestKing JN0-303 Exam Simulator * Tetris * Tetron * Text to Speech Maker * The Chakras of Tantric Yoga (Mac) * The Hulk ScreenSaver * The Incredibles ScreenSaver * The Lost Watch 3D Screensaver * The Phantom of the Opera * The Polar Express ScreenSaver * The Psychedelic Screen Saver * The UK Telephone Number Locator * Tic-Tac-Toe Extreme * Total Game Control * Total Recorder Standard Edition * Toto Wizard * TouchNet Browser * Track4Win * Tracktion * Trap Console * Treasure Island * TreeDraw * Treeview - JavaScript Tree Menu * TRICK-TRACK! * TS-MIDI Editor * TSIG Key Generator * tunebite * TurboNote * TurboNote+ desktop sticky notes * TVideoGrabber * TVonline * Tweak-XP Pro * Twinkle Bulbs * Twister * TypingMaster Pro * TzintarU * uCertify - MCSE Practice Test for Exam 70-270 - 294+ Questions * UHS Reader * Ulead COOL 3D Studio * Ulead DVD MovieFactory * Ulead DVD PictureShow * Ulead DVD Workshop * Ulead GIF Animator * Ulead MediaStudio Pro * Ulead Photo Explorer * Ulead PhotoImpact * Ulead VideoStudio * Ultimate Bid Whist * Ultra Video Joiner * Ultra Video Splitter * Ultra YahooMessenger Spy Monitor * Universal Document Converter * Universal Heart Rate Calculator * Universal Scientific Calculator * Universal Soccer Manager * UnRAR for Windows * UPX GUI Compressor * User Time Control * UserTime * Utalk Network MessengerV * VB Friend * VB Net Maker 2 * VBRSGen * Victoria Woman Calendar * Video Edit Magic * Vinyl Ripper * Virtual FlashCards * Visual Paradigm for UML (CE) [Mac OS X] * Visual Paradigm for UML (CE) [Windows] * Visual Paradigm for UML [Java Platform] * Vivid Report Free for C++ Builder 6 * VizAcc Diary * Vocaboly * VOIP Call Shop Billing Software * Voxengo Elephant VSTW * Wall Photo Maker * Watchtone Studio * Watermark Factory - advanced watermark creator * WAV to MP3 Encoder * Wave Player * WAVE To MP3 Transformer * Web Recycle Bin * Web Translator * WebCab Portfolio for .NET * webDate * WebMail Spy * WebZIP * What is the matrix screensaver * Wild Wave Screensaver * Win Sniffer * Win2PDF * WinDos * Windows .swf Flash Player * Windows API Hooking SDK * WinDriver Ghost * WinFax Pro Automator for Word * WinINSTALL * WinLines * Winlive Pro * WinMail * WinPad * WinProxy Secure Suite * WinRAR * WinSplit * Wireless Driver for Mac * Wireless Snif * Without A Trace Surf Guard * WM Recorder * Wonderland Game * WordPoint * World Clock ScreenSaver * World of Darkness Screen Saver * WorldTV * WSH.GUIX * X-Bot * X-COM * Xara 3D * Xara Webstyle * Xara Xtreme * XML Area Web Edition * XMLSpy Home Edition * XoftSpy * XP Booster * XPlayerY * Yahoo Status Manager * Ycopy * Yoga Freeware * You've Got MailZ * Z-Tuner * Zango Messenger * Zdenka * Zodiak Signs Screensaver * Zoom Image