Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Title: A look at changes to Sony's Pocket Edition e-readers

Body: Sony, its popular pocket sized e readers with new features and updated higher prices. Three models include the Sony lineup with a coming out with new and exciting updates, but the most important change comes with the e-reader Pocket Edition.

Touch screen-news

The Sony Pocket e-reader had previously no touch screen, while the other two models had touch-screens, but they were the subject of frequent complaints. The newly designed product line includes infrared now more responsive touch screen on each of the three e-reader models including the note. The new touch screen to the razor sharp appearance of the display at the same time increase accuracy on type, manufactured by a finger or stylus to preserve.

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Improved E-Ink display on the Sony e-reader Pocket easier to use by increasing the contrast on the display in bright light. Books and pictures are alive with the new E-Ink release.

Physical changes

Along with the touch and daily output of the Sony e-reader has the Sony e-reader touch physically refurbished. The device itself is smaller and easier it makes more portable.

One thing that has changed on the e-reader Pocket Edition, is the screen. The screen 5 "on the touch to only a little bigger be as an ad on a Smartphone, it makes it easy pocket and carry on the go." However, the screen size is quite a bit less than alternative devices, it makes a potentially limiting factor when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions.

Speed and capacity

Sony's Pocket Edition e-reader joins his cohorts received speed improvements that should please even the most demanding customers. Page breaks are faster thanks to a bump-up to 2 gigabytes of storage. Sony quadrupled space on pocked, so that it is more versatile for photos and books. An SD card slot helps to expand utility of pocket on removable media.


Although the trend in the e-readers include wireless connectivity, the bag and the Sony e-reader versions have touch one is not. The top-of-the-line daily output has been revised to include WiFi connectivity as an option.


Market observers and consumers the same sticker shock probably get if see the new line of e-readers and reader from Sony. In a time when most devices with lower prices to compete, is more expensive make invited by forgotten or a calculated market maneuvers Sony's move to its readers. The almost $30 increase on the bag makes it quite expensive, $179.

As a whole

The Sony Pocket Edition e-reader is better than ever before. His impressive new touch screen alone makes it ideal for people on the go, especially those with small pockets are.


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