Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Title: 3 g phone definition

Intro: 3 g see telephone networks of the third generation of mobile technology, the advanced wireless technology including high speed Internet and contains video calls.

Step 1: this network 2003 use the first major U.S. wireless carrier Verizon Wireless was (it was for the first time in Japan in 2001). Cingular Wireless, now known, a slower and more limited network in the United States led in 2003 called EDGE (or 2.75G).) AT & T wireless AT & T has since switched to 3 g for many of their cell phone novels.

Step 2: 3 g is now widespread countries such as Indonesia in Japan and the United States, but still expect 3 g services because of the cost of implementation. Royalties and equipment costs have the introduction of such services in some European countries and slowed down.

Step 3: telecommunications companies incurred much debt might have difficulties to pay license fees. According to 3 g licensing AG or royalties for licensed products as high as $3 per unit sold can run.

Step 4: For the consumer, the high cost of 3 g devices and Internet plans were a turn-off. According to AT & T Wireless price plans, which cost difference in service between the original iPhone and iPhone 3 g are $160 on the life of a 1-year service contract.

Step 5: A fourth generation of mobile technology 4 g, was recently developed in Japan. When fully realized, this service offer voice, data and multimedia with faster Internet upload and download speeds.

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