Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Title: 3 steps to get targeted blog readers with Twitter

Body: If You†™ re starting a new blog in a niche, it†™ s often get a battle for the following, you want to. Most people quit blogging after a few months, because their traffic Isn†™ t very high. You just don†™ t know how is a solid build quickly to. It†™ s one thing that many visitors to your blog to get. There are many different ways to do that. But what good is it if you can drive 300 people to your blog in one day, if no one wants to come back, because she are interested not in your theme? The problem with many transport techniques is they arena€ ™ t to certain types of people, i.e. aligned. the people who you want to be your regular readers. The issue targeted, how you a lot of people are quick to get blog followers?Rent Twitter work for YouI†™ ll take at this point you have a few posts up on your blog, you feel are useful for individuals. They need to see something for them, as soon as they get to your blog, to make them decide to keep around. The technique of I†™ ll below describe also assumes you have a Twitter account. Let it do most of the work for you. Since they are subject tweeting about your niche, you already know that they are interested in. Twitter literally tell you who would like to see your blog. You have to find only them. 1. Download Web or a program like it. With a Twitter client like TweetDeck, you can establish multiple columns tweets to see. , That 's€ ™ s, where is the magic happen. 2. Set a column to search to the most popular Hashtag in your niche to set up a column in Tweet deck: click the †œplus† symbol from, to add a column (see under: Figure 1) enter to see the a search term. In this case, I want all tweets to see which have the Hashtag †œ # slowcarb† (see: Figure 2) click on †ŒSearch†Watch the Tweets roll - in! 3. Interaction with people who book in it. Now, you've found your target group on Twitter. They†™ ll questions, comments, retweet thing and in General to discuss the subject that Youâ're trying € ™ to build authority for. Join the discussion! When you start talking with people, finally They†™ ll you begin to. You can even follow some right off the bat, but don†™ t get too eager. Try to keep your following/followed by ratio quite sometime. Nothing screams †œSPAM! €  louder than see someone you are following 500 people, but only 2 charms have.Why this helps the giant BlogOne ground observe that the conversation about your Hashtag is is a good idea, because you add authority to your blog to answer people questions, without them directly, you can start questions. You will also know what people think about to get some fantastic post ideas from it. As soon as you people have following you on Twitter because of a particular topic you know They†™ re in it are interested in your blog posts with more authority to start a tweet, you can. If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend the plugin †œWP Tweeter†. Can you it up to automatically Tweet your new post, and you can him even the Hashtag that You†™ re-targeting. This method works. The first time I tried it, I increased my twitter followers around 50 in 2 days (I had only 250 at the time). My blog traffic has risen also since then because more people know and see my Tweets when I post new topics.Let us know how this method works!

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