Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Title: A full color nook eReader from Barnes & noble

Body: The company expects, it's about has become a popular stocking stuffer for Christmas, it is far more game titles, eBooks (certainly comfortable in connection with children books, to use its color capabilities), to have journals and many others. In line with this is an electronic kiosk on the way for magazine and newspaper publishers subscriptions. So that you are completely satisfied, a 14-day trial period offers.

This kind of tactic may stop responding on the iPad input into the eReader niche. The colored eReader is also believed, get its very own app store, Web browsing, and music streaming. This courageous step of Barnes and noble has certainly upped the ante for eReader functions.

The device will be launched in mid-November just in time for the advertisement before Christmas in life. In our judgment it is certainly an excellent answer to the iPad but remains true to it as an eReader on the heart. Improved and additional functions remain the reading experience and it was not on the way, trying but his main thrust, a would-be iPad will be lost. If on a new device speculate it is always a balanced exercise when it comes to price and features. Here is to check his would-be buyers not Barnes and noble by just a few dollars more like on an iPad. Instead, they still wanted them to buy an eReader with nook features.

Just to give you a little something to think about offer, have the new nook color a 7-inch backlit touch screen capable of displaying 16 million colors. IPS or in-plane switching permits approximately 178 degrees viewing angle. Also, when it is tilted disappear a bit display not immediately to you. In addition, the new nook color have an impressive 8 GB built-in memory which means that you might actually do not make use the MicroSD slot for its expandable memory. Wi-Fi functionality has ceased to be a premium ability in the eReader industry and consumers expect to get it as the industry standard - the nook color not disappoint is. As in the 3 g capability other high-end the answer be competitors must not! It will definitely have a Web browser and the mark lend me book function, which allows the buyers book, a book, a friend for a limited time loans. It can also be in the high- or landscape mode be used. We expect that the lifetime of the battery not comparable to technology of days or even weeks battery life in non-color ELeseger├Ąte, when other is presented, as all we anxiously expect the battery life specifications.

Insiders also say that is the company to various software manufacturer for the instrument of "Nookextras" to reach and the Pandora is already part of the group. What do expect other surprises? Stay tuned!

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