Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Title: A free list of e-book readers

Intro: E readers are becoming increasingly popular, and there are several ways if you decide to purchase. How e- readers have developed, they have developed devices, which allow you to read do more than just books; You can read magazines and newspapers, videos, check e-Mail and use social media.

Step 1: The Amazon Kindle is available in two sizes: 6-inch Kindle and the 9, 7-inch Kindle DX. The 6-inch Kindle can be purchased with just Wi-Fi connectivity or with free 3 g and Wi-Fi. The 6-inch Wi-Fi-Kindle is $139, while $189 is the 6-inch with free 3 g and Wi-Fi. The 9, 7-inch Kindle DX with free 3 g is $379 prices are as of May 2011. The Kindle get you access to supports large e-book store and PDF files, but does not support EPUB files.

Step 2: There are two Barnes & noble angle to purchase available: regular still life and the NookColor. In addition to books, the NookColor full supports magazines and newspapers. It has a 7-inch interactive touch screen. The NookColor has also an apps store, which you access to e-Mail applications and games applications, among other things. It supports also YouTube and other video. Regular still-life with so many bells and whistles does not come, but has the electronic paper display and a 6-inch screen. Regular still life access ($199) or only Wi-Fi ($149) can be purchased with AT & T 3 G and Wi-Fi. NookColor ($249) only comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Prices reflect may 2011. The NookColor comes with 8 GB of internal memory, while the nook has 2 GB.

Step 3: Kobo eReader-wireless is a lightweight e-reader with a 6-inch e-ink display. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and supports PDF and EPUB files. A big draw is the 100 free, complete pre-loaded e-books. The other popular devices coming up fast, with the many, if not. It can store more than 1,000 e-books. $139 As of May 2011 is Kobo wireless eReader.

Step 4: Sony offers three different versions of his "reader": the Pocket Edition, the touch Edition and the daily output. The Pocket Edition is Sony's thinnest, lightest version. It has a full 5-inch touch-screen, up to 1,200 works and has a two weeks battery life. The touch Edition has a 6-inch full touch screen, has audio/MP3 capability, and holds up to 50,000 works. The daily output is Sony's biggest readers. It comes with a 7-inch full touch screen, Wi-Fi and free 3 g connectivity and keeps up to 50,000 works. The daily Edition has a battery life of 22 days.

5 The Apple step: IOS is a tablet that can serve as an e-reader. The latest version of the iPad can be purchased with just Wi-Fi connectivity or with Wi-Fi and 3 g. It has a 9, 7 inch LED backlit display full touch screen. The iPad comes with his own books-app, but you can also download nook, Kindle and Kobo apps, making it the most versatile e-reader on file types.

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