Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Title: 7 reasons, buy A Kindle 2 E-book reader

Body: Full ReviewThe Amazon Kindle 2 is an e-book reader with electronic ink, known as †œe paper€  or †œe-ink Technology†, to to create a good reading experience. It†™ s one of the best looking e-book reader. It has its own style and it†™ s a great way to read books without the paper.In short1. 3 G wireless connection. 2. Paperback size. 3. Extensible memory. 4. Good designed. 5. Build-in dictionary. 6. MP3 playback. 7 text to speech feature. about the DesignThe Kindle 2 looks like an iPod from the back. It has nice large side buttons on the page and a QWERTY keyboard to turn down. The buttons are well placed. The display is crisp and the appearance of the Commission. The contrast is great and there is no glare problems, so it†™ s definitely not the same as the reading from a computer screen. A joyful pastime is reading from any angle, the hours and Stunden.Sie have isolated very well the Kindle, as it is never hot. In the design phase, they had the goal to design an e-book reader, which was easy, so that everyone in the situation would be to use it. Right people pass as well as left-handed people can this device very well. MerkmaleDurch Kindle has a build-in dictionary, mp3 playback and a text function. You can highlight passages that you want to can find again. If you want to find certain pages: they can be dog-eared. You can add notes to your pages. It†™ s killer feature is the wireless connection. Can you download books directly from the device. So you don†™ t need a computer to get new books. It is a 3 g connection use same connection is how to use mobile phones. The Kindle has 2 GB of internal memory which means, that it will hold up to 1500 books. The battery that uses can the Kindle to read up to two weeks to the same battery. Use the Amazon Kindle is an absolute delight of it†™ s definitely leads the field. New BooksThe Kindle store has a superior collection. There are over 400,000 + books on Amazon and the Kindle 3 g connection can be downloaded. Most of you in less than 60 seconds. The connection is included in the price itself, there is no subscription. You can download a free chapter, before you decide to buy the books. What I like about the Kindle 2 - paperback size.-expandable memory allows you to read more. -Freedom, what you want to download content at the time that suits you. -can you free chapter books before you decide to buy them. -If you have subscribed to newspapers, then the content is automatically delivered. -With the Kindle read-a-loud feature can "Read" doing something else.What I don†™ t like - sometimes is it easier to look up things in a proper book. -If your hands dirty itâ €™ s are not advisable, to take sides with your Kindle. -The battery is not removable. -The Kindle is not the user organize books into folders.Sony PRS-700Sony digital book Reader PRS-700BC - eBook readers - Sony-Reader software - 6 "black and white E-Ink - TouchscreenAmazon price: $399. 99sony AC adapter/charger for PRS-500 and PRS-505Amazon price: $9. 99list price: $29 99It†™ s competitors of the Sony Reader has a clean and elegant design and the touchscreen eliminates the need for so many buttons." It†™ s touch screen makes it easy to use and navigate. It comes with a case looks good and protects it. Leather case adds also the book feel. It has a backlight, but it does hurt more than it helps. The Sony Reader uses a USB connection, and you must manually transfer the content from your pc to the device. The Sony Bookstore has approximately 100,000 books. It†™ s getting bigger every day, but it†™ s still behind it. The Sony e-book reader has an mp3 player and SD card slots for expansion.

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