Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Title: A Guide to downloading E-books or audio books

Intro: E-books are books everywhere to enjoy a new way for people what you go, without lug on an entire library with them. If you read on your PC or an e-reader, you will find a variety of e-books and audio books from any number of Web sites. How to use these sites, depends on what kind of book search, which devices for, which you use and how much you spend to your book want.

Step 1: Select you a source for your books download. Many e readers offer proprietary bookshops, including the Kindle store for Amazon.de Kindle and the Barnes & noble store for still life. This store will deliver directly to your e-reader without further intervention. You can download free e-books without DRM restrictions on websites such as ManyBooks.net or Project Gutenberg (Gutenberg.org). Google provides a brands eBookstore, with a variety of formats for e-readers and computers.

Step 2: Check the books available. In General, find which books and authors on a Web site are most popular, or can use to all keywords, that appeal to you are looking for.

Step 3: download a format that works with your e-reader, if you have one. EPUB is a popular format that supports a wide range of devices, including Barnes & noble nook, Sony issues varies from the reader and the Kobo; It is not supported on the Kindle. PDF is widely supported and easy to read text on a computer but not rendering as well as on e-readers. You can convert eBooks with DRM free in a different format when your e-reader formats are not supported by the concerned website.

Step 4: Open your e-book on your computer, if you want to read from your screen. Stores like Amazon.com Kindle store and Google provide a reader eBookstore, read above all for their books on your computer.

Step 5: Transfer to your e-reader, e-books, if you have one. If you need to convert your e-books in another format, you can try the somewhat limited online utility ConvertFiles.com; a software utility that can handle a variety of e-book formats and e-readers, check, try caliber, for free from caliber ebook.com available.

Step 6: choose a site that offers the audio books in a format your e-reader play; If you have only an MP3 player or on your computer, your options are slightly wider. You can free audio books from Audiobooksforfree.com-albeit with limited audio quality options - or commercial download from Audible.com.

Step 7: Select a type of file downloaded, if a variety of types are available. Many Web sites use the MP3 format, which is recognized far from most devices. Other sites like audible, can a small universal format.

Step 8: Copy the audio book to your device via USB. IPod using an MP3 player with specific software, such as one with iTunes or the Sansa with Rhapsody, you can add your audio CD library, see. Some MP3 players you can files directly to the appropriate folder in the file system to copy.

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