Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Title: 10 best free starter apps for all Android phone - Samsung intercept, LG Optimus V, droid X.

Body: The Android market in an app Wonderland. You have a little of all games, widgets, social networking applications, System Tools, and a little (perhaps many) of spam thrown in for good measure. There are 70,000 + apps to choose from-it can be overwhelming, but be in a good way * grin *. Thinking at a kid in a candy store trying to decide what first food! You need to start somewhere, however.A

The Android powered devices I used heard Thea Samsung intercept-รข I, that I crowned think installations on the pre-installed stuff on about 35 / 40 app out. This sounds like many apps, but when compared to the droid-X, you can fit hundreds on it without problem.

The fact is that the inner space of many Android phones is relatively limited. Decide which will make the cut, can be a difficult task.

In the interest of you help "start somewhere", here is a list of the Starter app. These apps are great places to start if you have a lower end phone with limited space or a tanker phone such as the droid X.

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